A Day in the Life of a Supermum: Sherrian Kars

Our Supermums Graduate Sherrian, retrained from a teacher and now works as a virtual salesforce administrator

Why did you decide to do train in Salesforce – and in particular the Supermums course?
Having recently moved to the UK with 3 young children, I was looking for a way to earn money while working from home and also being around for the kids to help with the transition. I found the Supermums and was intrigued by the programme. My husband had some previous dealings with Salesforce and encouraged me to give the course a go. 

What was your experience of the mentoring and work experience? How did it help you?I really enjoyed the work experience, and my mentor was fabulous. The work experience gave me the confidence to go to interviews. 

What was the best thing about the course?
I would say the best thing about the course was the flexibility, only a few hours a week of contact time allowed me the flexibility around my children. I was able to do the course work in the evenings and weekends, and so did not cut into my time with my children, which is exactly what I was looking for. 

Would you recommend the course and if so why?
I would definetly recommend the course, coming from a teaching background, I was a bit nervous as to whether I would have the skills to be able to manage the course. It was a great course that eased me into the Salesforce system and with the homework I was able to gain a more in depth understanding of Salesforce. There was also ample opportunity to ask questions
each week. 

What advice would you give to those embarking on the course?
Do as many trailheads as possible, not just the ones that are part of the homework. 

What are you doing now?
I am currently working as a Database Assistant with a Charity that is completely virtual, and I work 4 days a week. My first role was as an Salesforce administrator and general office duties. I went to two interviews before getting my first job. Debra helped alot trying to get me interviews, I felt confident going into the interviews and when I moved from the South of London to the North of England I was able to secure 3 interviews. I ended up with my current role as it allowed me all the flexibility I was looking for and I am grateful to be working with a lady who has become a friend and mentor to me.  

Have you had the opportunity to work flexibly / remotely?
Yes, my first role I worked 2 days at home and 2 days in the office. Currently I work from home all the time, I only work 4 days a week but have the option to work my hours as needed. 

What are your career ambitions now?
For the time being my goal is to learn as much about data management and manipulation, once my kids are all at school full time I will be looking to increase my knowledge and aim for doing the consultant exams.  

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in Salesforce?
My advice would be to go for the change, it has given me the flexibilty as a mom that I have always wanted and at the same time is a programme that anyone can learn to use, even as a primary school teacher with a limited background on computers and no background in business, it was simple enough to understand and use. 

What’s your favourite thing about Salesforce?
My favourite thing about Salesforce is the customizability of Salesforce and all the options to automate processes.

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