Day in the Life: Rayan, from Career Break to Salesforce Consultant

Rayan had left her previous role in hospitality management to raise two kids, but as they started their learning at nursery, she decided to get back to learning too.

By Jennifer Wood

October 14, 2021

Rayan's Story

  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Hospitality
  • Job Title: Salesforce Delivery Consultant
  • Works: Wipro Limited
  • Lives: London, England, United Kingdom

I had to turn down jobs due to lack of flexibility

After taking a career break to raise a family, Rayan re-entered the jobs market and quickly found that the hospitality wasn’t going to offer her the family friendly hours and flexibility she wanted. She started to look for office admin roles and even received a couple of offers, but had to turn them down when they weren’t prepared to allow the flexible hours she needed. There was also financial implications to consider: would it be worth taking the roles given the cost of child care?

Rayan noticed that other roles that might have given her the flexibility and salary she needed, required up to date skills, especially tech related ones. If she wanted to get back into a career that would offer the lifestyle she wanted, she needed to invest in herself.

Luckily, Rayan had a friend who was working with Salesforce who had mentioned that it offered some great opportunities. As a diligent researcher, Rayan chatted to to a few people in the industry and came across Supermums.

‘Honestly, finding Supermums was a massive break. It ticked all the boxes. My youngest started nursery in the September and I joined the Supermums training cohort in the October, so it was perfect.’

I didn’t feel I was alone!

“If you need flexible working I’d recommend a career in Salesforce and Supermums is a great place to skill up. Not only does it teach you tech skills, but you a re exposed to other things on the course, like the various products and there are opportunities to learn more widely.

A good example of the additional learning content the Supermums community provides is the latest professional development course that we’ve established some partners –

“I loved the whole ’ohana’, the trailblazer community & how you learn is very ’gamified’ and that was very attractive to me. I’ve always been into learning so it was an exciting opportunity for me. There’s so much help, and everyone is so willing to help.

Doing my work experience was nerve wracking but I didn’t feel I was alone, I was given encouragement to go out there and use my skills. Even if there is a challenge or question, you never feel stuck, you can reach out the the community and there’s always a solution there.”

I was prepared for my job search

Rayan is now a Consultant in the marketing Automation team at Wipro and working towards certifications in Pardot. She’s never regretted her decision to invest her her training. She’s continued to work through the pandemic, providing her family with a stable income and continuing her own professional development.

“When it came to my job hunt I also had good support. Hazel (Supermums recruitment) supported me to build my CV and I attended Heather’s webinar on how to present yourself and how to talk about your journey. I used that in my interviews and they loved it.“

Rayan found out about the company she now works for via LinkedIn and approached them about a role. It turned out that she wasn’t suited to the one on offer – but they invited her back to interview for another role. After another couple of interviews, which included delivering a demo – she secured her first Salesforce role!

“To prepare for my third interview I got a page of requirements & was asked to build a solution in a developer org and then deliver a demo. It was nerve-wracking but I already had ideas I could draw on from my work experience project.“

As she was interviewing for the role Rayan realised just how useful her transferrable skills were: honed in the hospitality industry, communication and collaboration skills have been crucial to her success.

“My role is very client facing, I am on showcases so I speak to them about what we have built and how it will make their businesses processes easier. So (during the interview)’ they really did like that interaction i provided and that pushed me to the top two [candidates]’”

“I always tell people don’t sell yourself short! I know you’ve had a career break…..but you have to be hybrid person. The tech skills you can learn. You also have to be able to need to be able to communicate well & collaboration is key, so past experience is, honestly, key.”

Salesforce is used across thousands of different companies in a variety of industries. Both the transferrable skills and specific industry knowledge gained in previous job roles, combined with Salesforce skills, can make you a very valuable asset in the Salesforce jobs market.

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