Day in the Life: Rayan, from Career Break to Salesforce Consultant

Rayan had left her previous role in hospitality management to raise two kids, but as they started their learning at nursery, she decided to get back to learning too.

Rayan's Story

  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Hospitality
  • Job Title: Salesforce Delivery Consultant
  • Works: Wipro Limited
  • Lives: London, England, United Kingdom
Rayan decided to upskill and launch her Salesforce career because.. 

I was on a long career break having had my two children. I previously worked in hospitality management, and I realised that I could not go back to that industry; it was not going to work around my home and family life.  


I tried applying for administrative roles which I thought could be more flexible, but with every interview, I realised that I was really lacking modern skills. When I had a good interview, I would ask about flexible hours, and they just couldn’t offer that, so I would end up having to turn it down.  


Something really had to change and finding Supermums was honestly a massive break for me. 


Rayan decided to upskill in Salesforce Admin Course with Supermums because.. 

The Supermums course was ticking all the boxes for me: flexible working, training, remote.  


The work experience with Supermums was brilliant for me. I was nervous because it was project based, but we were able to put our skills into practice, and really build out the org and do configuration and that was great experience: hands-on exposure, for a real company. I took it on as a challenge, I pushed myself telling myself ‘You’ve got this, go and prove yourself right’. I had the cohort to support me as well, and we still talk and share solutions. 


Rayan was able to launch her new Salesforce career successfully because…. 

I was quite confident because I had the support of the Supermums Recruitment Team who really helped me build my CV and give me tips. I also attended a webinar hosted by the Recruitment Team, where they really went into detail of how to present yourself in interviews, topics you should cover and to really talk about your journey and the investment you’ve put into yourself. I used all of that in my interviews and they loved it. 


I remember at the third stage of the interview, the company sent me a page of configuration requirements for the Dev Org, and I had a look at it and thought ‘I’ve done that, I’ve got a solution for that’, and it was great because I went in with actual knowledge and experience.  


I always tell people don’t sell yourself short, I know you’ve had a long career break, but managing a household, managing children – just interacting with people in general – that will put you above someone who has got only technical skills. The tech skills you can learn, but you also have to be able to communicate well. 


Rayan has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers her…  

I’m a delivery consultant at Wipro. 


Working for a large consultancy has given me exposure to a range products and I’ve had the opportunity to progress and learn more. I’ve recently changed practices and joined the marketing automation practice, so I’m in the process of getting my Pardot specialist and then hopefully next will be my Pardot Consultant. 



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