Day in the Life: Candy, the consultancy course has given me the next level of knowledge I needed!

Candy is a mom of 3 from Canada, with a background using SAP and Excel but when an opportunity for a new challenge arose and with only 2 months to learn Salesforce before her colleague when on maternity leave, it forced her to learn fast and soon she realised how things could be done faster and more efficiently by using Salesforce.


  • Course: Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course
  • Region: USA
  • Sector: Finance
  • Job Title: Salesforce Solution Designer
  • Works: Manulife
  • Lives: Canada
Candy decided to upskill and accelerate her Salesforce career because.. 

I started a job at an office supplies company with no knowledge of Salesforce whatsoever.  My new manager was going on maternity leave two months later, so it was very important that I got up to speed as she ran the National practice of Salesforce with more than 600 users. 

I worked in that Salesforce Admin role for 14 years. I really did well with it; I felt that I contributed, and it’s been a great journey, but to be honest, I really feel like I could do something more, I need a little bit more of a challenge. I felt like there was some gaps in my knowledge, and I didn’t have that bridge to the end-user like I used to. I wanted to learn to work with projects from end to end. 

I heard of Supermums at a conference I attended, and realised I’d found what I’d been looking for. I am a mum of three, and I know at times we have imposter syndrome and low confidence, and I thought that I need this course: I need some hands-on experience, I need to be able to talk to people, and at the same time, I need to learn the consultancy skills because I wanted to move up in my career, and that’s why I enrolled.  


Candy decided to upskill in Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course with Supermums because.. 

The Supermums Consultancy Skills course gave me that bridge to the end-user that I was looking for. What I love about it is that it’s an end-to-end learning course, from scoping, how everything plays into the project life cycle to how business analysis plays with project management and change management, and I just feel like it became whole for me. 

These skills were designed with Salesforce in mind.  Not only am I learning transferable skills in working with projects, I am also learning Salesforce best practice and industry standards from a consultancy point of view.   

It’s not just about the hard skills but the soft skills too. I really love how close I am to the learning because it comes with experience. All the things we are learning with Supermums, it’s not just theory, they’ve all been done before. It’s very enriching. 


One thing that I also really love about Supermums is the community, we have a couple of chatter groups and I feel like there’s no judgment. Aside from the community, the team is very responsive. Within 24 hours of asking a question, I received responses from a Supermum and a member of the Supermums team.  


Candy was able to launch her new Salesforce career successfully because…. 

At my current job I’m using all the skills we learned on the course. One of the things that really helped me is seeing the whole picture, and I really think I can take on more challenges.  I think Supermums can give you the edge with other skills that they offer.  The community and the mentoring you will receive can help guide you with your next steps towards your first Salesforce job. 


The coaching skills that were shared by the Supermums Team are ones that I’m definitely using right now as a DevOps product owner.  I also started using the techniques – such as diagramming, the importance of communication, learning styles, keeping in mind my ‘customer’s’ happiness – as one of the measures of my success.  


I know I have the tools that I need to succeed in my job by using the templates, techniques, checklists and tools that Supermums provided. I must say that I felt like I got what I really needed… the confidence. Especially in the technology world where there are a lot of men, as a woman, as a mother, I know that I can deliver and I am going to be confident in facing this. 


Candy has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers her…  


My current role is a Salesforce Solutions Designer at an insurance & financial services company in Ontaria, Canada. My responsibilities are mostly in the platform operations’ side. I work on solutions to make our developers’ lives better, and of course do some administration.  


I’ve worked remotely from home full-time for more than five years now. It is definitely a blessing.  Sometimes my job can be demanding but because I work from home, I don’t ever feel too distant from my family. 

For someone like me who loves to learn and loves challenges, the best things are the opportunities to work on them.  

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