Day in the Life: Jasmine, Keeping your mind active whilst on maternity leave

Have you have been wondering how to keep your mind active during your time on maternity leave? You may be interested that one-third of our trainees are studying whilst juggling caring for a new baby! 


In the latest of our ‘Day in the Life of a Salesforce Supermum’ series, Jasmine shares why she retrained and how she found flexibility and diversity working in a Salesforce role, helping non-profits to achieve their marketing ambitions. At a live interview recorded earlier this month, we talk to Jasmine, about her role now as a Salesforce Administrator working within a Salesforce Consultancy environment.

Jasmine was looking to retrain and find more flexibility.
Jasmine had built up a decade of marketing experience and like many of our trainees, decided she wanted to do something different after her second child was born. During her extensive research, she came across the Salesforce Supermums course whilst on maternity leave. She decided to sign up to the 16hrs a week course using the time to retrain in a new career choice. With a professional background in marketing working for large corporates, she was looking for something more flexible, well-paid and a new challenge.

Jasmine now relishes her role within a consultancy, as she enjoys the diversity of projects and working with a range of Salesforce products. She has continued to learn and develop her certifications by specialising in Pardot and is now focussed on implementation projects that utilise both Salesforce and Pardot. Her projects range from helping charities to expand their marketing campaigns internationally, to building and integrating online shops. She enjoys helping them to increase their reach, impact and fundraising efforts.

Jasmine tells us what her life is like now …
“My new career has helped me to achieve the flexibility I needed to juggle kids and work. I can work from anywhere with Salesforce, at home and the office and I work a set number of hours a week to deliver on projects working closely with the project managers. I have continued to study around my kids and during evenings to continue my progression on my salesforce journey.”

Since we first we spoke in 2018, Jasmine is now 9 x certified and is a Salesforce Consultant at Economic Change.

We recently asked her if there are any particular marketing specific skills / knowledge that have been particularly helpful to bring to your Salesforce career?

Overseeing multiple marketing campaigns has been transferable to project management skills and also helped working on lots of different projects. How marketing campaigns, especially email campaigns being deployed has given me a headstart learning Pardot, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. Knowing about the different KPIs for marketing has helped understand what clients will be looking for their marketing campaigns.

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