Volunteer with Supermums

We rely on the generous support of our volunteers to help women and others to launch and accelerate their career.

Supermums Training is a Community Interest Company which is a non-profit legal entity. As a social enterprise any surplus profit made is re-invested back into the mission of the organisation. 

We offer heavily discounted courses as a Authorised Salesforce Training Provider to allow as many people as possible to benefit.  Alongside the training we like to provide trainees with volunteer mentors to help them build their confidence and expertise. It would not be a financially sustainable to pay for this one to one support but it is hugely appreciated and we are hugely grateful to the support of our volunteers.

We provide our Volunteers with a mentoring toolkit and training materials to best equip you to support our Supermums trainees on their learning journeys. You will achieve a Certificate in Mentoring Skills for completing this course.

Join more than 300 Salesforce professionals globally who are already volunteering their time to help our trainees start off on their Salesforce journey, and become a Supermums mentor today.

You will help to change people’s lives.

Become a Supermums Mentor

We’ve heard from our mentors that they get just as much out of becoming a mentor as they put into it – if not more!

We are looking for mentors for our Salesforce Admin, Marketing Cloud, Data Cloud, and Mulesoft Courses.

You can either mentor our Admin trainees for 1 – 2hrs a week for six months or

Mentor on our Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft, Data Cloud Courses for 1 – 2hrs a week over 8 weeks

Eligibility Criteria for Mentors

If you have 2 years of practical experience in Salesforce technical skills.

Certified in Salesforce Admin, Marketing Cloud, Mulesoft, or Data Cloud.

What our mentors say…

‘Mentoring people is not only rewarding but inspiring. I get to meet new individuals with whom I can share my passion, knowledge and experiences. 

Most importantly, I have the privilege of being a part of helping them achieve their goals and dreams!’

Mark Faley, Senior Manager, Solution Engineer, Salesforce and Supermums Mentor

 I learned that working with my mentee one on one made me appreciate and recognize the impact I was making on her career and life. It is a different feeling of accomplishment and a different level of warmth when you are building a personal relationship with your mentee. Make the commitment and give yourself a chance to make a difference in someone else’s life. It will be hard, but stay focused and you will do well.

Deepa Patel, Salesforce MVP

“I decided to volunteer with Supermum’s because I can relate to all these mums who are trying to learn Salesforce and grow their career while juggling their mommy life. I believe Supermums is doing an excellent job helping the mums out there strengthen their technical skills as well as empowering them to do their best. I will always support Supermums!”

Ruchita Gathani, Lead Solutions Engineer, Public Sector at Salesforce and Supermums Mentor

What our mentees say…

“The reason I always vouch for the Supermums program is because of the support I got, the confidence that my mentor instilled in me, and the kind of assignments I did prepared me very well. When I started my job there was nothing I didn’t know how to do or know how to figure out. I had been doing much of it in my Supermums program already.  My mentor had valuable experience and as she reviewed my coursework, she shared tips and tricks about how to do things faster and more effectively. I was able to do exceptionally well at my work.


“The mentor was one of the reasons I signed up to Supermums, otherwise I would have been scared to fail. My mentor was based in Sweden but was a French speaker like me. He was there every week for our call, and it was important for me because I built my homework around our discussions. The mentors instantly know what’s wrong, which step you’ve missed. Supermums are very good at putting you in the position of a consultant: they don’t give you all the answers – just enough for you to know what to do.”


I found the mentorship immensely useful. We set up weekly meetings and I’d go through anything I was stuck on. Having that mentor there as a support network, to help you understand what you’re learning was really helpful. That’s one of the best things about the program.” 


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