Day in the Life: Divya, I started my new job during lockdown!

Listen to how even a global pandemic couldn't stop this Supermum!

By Jennifer Wood

November 17, 2020


  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Education
  • Job Title: Salesforce Consultant
  • Works: Mint CRM & Marketing Solutions
  • Lives: London, England, United Kingdom

Divya is a mum from London who used to be a high school Spanish & Chemistry teacher. Her husband encouraged her to look at Salesforce when she was on maternity leave and after giving Trailhead a few tries, she fell in love with Salesforce but knew she needed guided learning to really reach her goals of changing careers. After applying for role at the beginning of 2020, Divya got her new role during COVID-19 lockdown. Listen to how even a global pandemic couldn’t stop this Supermum!

Supermums course taken?

Admin Course September 2019

How did you get into Salesforce / find out about the Supermums courses?

It’s my husbands fault! Previously I was a teacher. During that time my husband always spoke about the Ohana culture, the flexibility of the tech industry, as well as how useful Salesforce is. I tried my hand at Trailhead and it wasn’t for me. While I on maternity leave, I tried it again and really got into it. I knew I needed some guidance, having never worked in the tech industry before and my husband mentioned the Supermums course to me. It sounded like just what I needed!

What were you doing before transitioning to a Salesforce career / starting a Supermums course?
I was a Science Teacher in a Catholic School in the Caribbean for 4 years and when I moved to the UK I continued my career as a teacher. I taught Spanish and GSCE Chemistry at a Catholic High School in London. After 6 years of teaching I got pregnant and while I was on maternity leave I was looking for a career change.   This is when I started exploring around Trailhead and doing some modules. I very quickly started enjoying it.

How was the process of making that change / career pivot? 
Coming from a Science background I was always interested in technology but never looked into it in much detail. When I went on maternity leave I knew I had to change careers and find something more flexible which would mean I could also take care of my child. It is a bit nerve wracking changing careers but there were many transferable skills from teaching such as communication skills!

Can you share a little about your experience of the course? What was the best thing about it and what was the most challenging?
The course was exactly what I needed. Having no tech background I needed a course which was guided and where you are able to go to someone and ask questions. Supermums course did exact that. The first 3 months you have weekly webinars with Vicki who was also happy to stop and answer any questions. We created a Whatsapp groups with people who were in my cohort and this was great as we all supported and motivated each other. We would help each other with the homework. I had a great experience and really enjoyed doing all the different case studies and developing them in a Salesforce Org.

The challenging part was getting my head around all this new technological terminology and sitting down in front of a computer all day was something I was not used to.

I would highly recommend the course for anyone who is looking to get into the technology field but also looking for a more balanced life having a flexible role as well as having time to spend with your family. The Salesforce culture is great and there are always people, communities and mentors that you can reach out to help you.

What was it like having a mentor? How did you work / meet together?
I had an amazing mentor, Kylie. We would have weekly catch ups on Zoom and she would also show me easier ways to navigate through Salesforce. She would go through with me the errors I had made on my homework and how I could improve on it. She never gave me direct answers to questions but instead ways in which I could myself figure out the answers which helped me learn very quickly how to do things myself. She even invited me to her office and helped me study for the Admin Exam. She was a great support and I still go back to with any Admin questions I have.

Please share share a little about the work experience element of the course. What did you do? What was good about it? Was it useful?
I worked with a non profit for 3 months and it was great experience. I was able to put into practice everything I had learnt in the webinars but also be able to learn new functionality like integrating different apps into Salesforce. I had conversations with the charity to gather requirements and then I would implement these requirements. The work experience really gives you a feeling for a proper Admin role.

Where do you work now?
I work as a Salesforce Administrator at Advice UK in London. Currently working Full time from home.

AdviceUK is the largest support network for independent advice-giving organisations, providing products, services and networking opportunities to the advice sector, as well as seeking to influence government to improve policies, legislation and funding.

What do you do in a typical day?
I work for a small organisation so I wear lots of hats and I am involved in a lot of different things. I do some Administration work so making sure all emails from Members are dealt with. I am also in charge on all the customisation that is done in Salesforce. So I am constantly speaking to different teams gathering requirement and seeing how they use Salesforce and how different processes can be automated. Most importantly making sure Salesforce is kept up to date and clean. I work closely with the Systems Manager who is also a Supermum.

What is the most challenging thing about your role?
The fact that we are a small charity but have over 700 organisations that are part of our membership means there is always lots to do. So prioritising different tasks can be challenging while making sure everyone is still happy. Also keeping up with all the new functionality while being in a Admin role can sometimes be challenging too.

What is the best thing about your job?
I really enjoy the fact that you are always learning something new with Salesforce. Being in a small organisation actually make you have a steep learning curve as there is always so many different things you are involved in which is great. I enjoy being chanllenged on a daily basis. I enjoy the problem solving aspects of this role are fun. I enjoy working with the team to gather business requirements and translating that into technical functionality.

What certification do you have and what are you working towards next?
I have the Salesforce Admin Cert and the App Builder Cert and so plan on doing the Advanced Admin and Salesforce Consultant certifications.

What are your top tips for studying for Salesforce certifications?
I enjoy attending the Women in Tech and London Admin User Group events. Of course they were lots of when we could actually see each other physically. Yeah just constantly doing  trails and keeping up with the Salesforce releases.

What is your favourite thing about Salesforce?
There is always something new to learn. Love the culture and all the little Characters Salesforce has.

Who is your favourite Trailhead Character?

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