Day in the Life: Bruna, Marketing Cloud Specialist and Sales Executive

Bruna, originally from Brazil and lives in Barcelona with her two daughters, upskilled in Salesforce in 2018 whilst working for a partner and loved the endless possibilities. She now works for Salesforce teaching others how Marketing Cloud can help them and their clients.

Bruna’s Story

How did you get into Salesforce?
I was working for a small start up tech company in Italy and then their product took over Brazil market. I’m a Mum of 2 girls and I found it really hard travelling back and forth from Barcelona to South America, every few weeks for 7 – 10 days at a time. I knew that something needed to change.

I had a background in marketing and wanted more knowledge on new CRM technologies that were coming into the market. I knew about Salesforce and that it was a strong platform so I thought I’d start as an admin to understand the platform. As I researched, most courses required me to go to London to learn, but this would have meant being away form the girls again and it was just too much….I nearly gave up at this point, and then I somehow found Supermums. It offered me the chance to learn remotely with no travel required. It was the answer. It was a light! Everything about the course, the flexibility, it was family friendly, fitted around my current job…I was determined to do it! I missed a few webinars but with the course being remote, I could just watch them back. Supermums and Salesforce opened up so many possibilities, I can’t tell you, it’s amazing, there are so many things to learn and do and the admin course is just the beginning.

How did you find your first Salesforce job?
While I was studying doing the Admin course, I was also searching for Salesforce partners to set up platforms for other partners. I had a great mentor, Debra, who mentioned Marketing Cloud and I thought it sounded interesting. I was also very lucky that the Admin trainer at the time was Cleo who was also based in Barcelona and gave me lots of support to find a role. We saw a Salesforce job in Barcelona, I didn’t even know they had an office here. I looked at the pososition and it required me to have a Marketing Cloud qualification. I didn’t have this but I did have a background in Marketing and with my new Admin skills, I just applied this and went for it. The interview process was intense and long. It took 3 months and I went for at least 12 interviews but I go the job!! 

I didn’t really have any expectations. I was confident that I could get the job but equally, if I didn’t, I would get another role. There are so many other opportunitues out there, its such a large market that I would find something! I asked myself, how long had it taken me to find Salesforce and Supermums? Everyone needs someone to set up Salesforce for them, whether big or small, so I would find something. I now work inside Salesforce. 

What is your job title now?
I am now a Marketing Cloud Account Executive and Sales Specialist. I can’t believe how fast the Marketing Cloud part of the business is growing.

Do you work flexibility?
One things Salesforce are good at, they act on what they say. The whole ‘Ohana’ feeling, it’s what makes Salesforce so big and special.

I work from home. There is an office but I work from home as I work with clients. A typical day for me is I take the kids to school and then start work at 9am. I try and do all meetings before 3pm then pick up kids at 4pm, go back to work 5pm – 7pm then I do bed time.

I travel looking after the Barcelona and Portugal market. I make sure that I have all meetings across 1 or 2 days so not much time away from the kids. This is something that Salesforce prioritise, it’s always family first, not business. Its important to remember that if you are good with your family then your productivity is high. Salesforce just get it. It’s part of their DNA. It’s easy to do though as we have apps, mobile etc so its easy to work form home. I work to achieve my targets, I try hard and work hard to be productive and then have time off with kids.

What do you do in a typical day?
My typical day is to build a user case with clients and prospects then work with colleagues in the Marketing Cloud ecosystem. For example, if im working with a retails client we also use service, sales, marketing and commerce clouds. We use all of these for clients to produce presentations, systems to connect, ideas of suitable partners to help implement, demos etc.

I do a lot of Marketing Cloud demos! I’m currently at Base Camp in Barcelona and about to do a live Marketing Cloud demo. It’s so easy and fun to use….and set up. I love talking to a client, I have nothing prepared and they ask to see how it works. I just open my laptop and show them how simple it is. Its shows trust and they want to see more. I also work with tech engineers to build specialist demos but mainly I can just show this with ease and no prep necessary.

See, although I’m working from home, I’m never working alone!

How do you do your learning?
I am constantly learning. Marketing Cloud has 5 new updates a year so I’m always learning and Salesforce gives us the tools to stay up to date, Trailheads help and guidance is great and we each have our own internal Astro that keeps reminding us of courses that might be useful to keep you up to date. General courses and specific courses. Learning is just part of the culture. 

What are your career ambitions?
I’m going for double Ranger this year…..don’t know how I’m going to find time but I want it!

My tip for how to achieve things you want: set goals and targets for yourself or you won’t do it! Break down each goal into smaller goals, do one first and then move not o the next one. Don’t forget to celebrate small achievements! 

What advice would you give to people thinking about starting a career in Salesforce or upskilling in Marketing Cloud?
Something that that I discovered is the whole ecosystem. We currently have 36,000 employees worldwide and its growing. It’s important to understand who are the clients, what do they want, how do they want to improve and how can you enlighten them and the partner world. They most need people to understand the projects and work with them and its a great place to start. There is a whole army of partners that Salesforce has….how can you help them!?!

Secondly, it the most exciting company! No matter what you are into, and I don’t call it tech, its more innovation, this is there place for you….all day long! You don’t need to be a techie to understand the company. I’m still not a techie but it has opened so many doors for me!

Also, look at the training options available. Supermums course was good for me because it gave me a great foundation to be confident, produce a solid pitch, the flexibility the course gave me, doing webinars once a week, homework, talking to other mums, no time to so a full time course, everything sited me perfectly! Admin is the basis of everything Salesforce! If you already have the foundation knowledge, you can join at the next level like Marketing Cloud, Consultant, Account Executive etc.

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