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The Supermums programme will help you secure a more flexible, well-paid marketing career.

Marketing techniques and tools are advancing significantly. It’s important to keep pace with new technology to keep yourself relevant and employable in the industry.

Marketing Cloud is the flagship tool of Salesforce. It empowers companies with marketing automation and intelligence to shape customer journeys like never before. Demand for the product is outstripping supply of talent, so Marketing Cloud professionals are in high demand.

This platform has so many possibilities, all targeted around the world of marketing with the objective of putting the customer at the centre of every interaction and experience. Trying to manage how and when a customer interacts with a brand can be complicated just by using traditional methods but Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you tailor make content for customers across multiple channels such as email, online, mobile, e-commerce, social and communities, and report back in real time.

You can get started with our Marketing Cloud course even if you don’t have and previous Salesforce knowledge.

Course Cost

$2,750.00 (INC VAT)


4 month programme

Course Dates

Feb, June, Oct


EMEA, USA and Canada

In partnership with

Our Marketing Cloud Course is delivered using official Trailhead Academy Content.

“Supermums is innovating the way that we use Trailhead Academy content. They take our core Marketing Cloud course content and deliver a fully virtual learning programme across 14 weeks to help those improve their existing marketing knowledge and customer journeys. As part of their programme they also offer access to a trail org, exam prep sessions and recruitment services to fully support trainees on every step of their marketing career journey. We’re proud to support Supermums and their mission to empower parents and returners to the workforce in the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Stuart Mills, VP, Trailhead & Ecosystem EMEA, Salesforce

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Are You Looking to Upskill Your Team?

Your team already understands your unique business, its challenges, customers and its potential. That’s an important asset. Combine that with the power of Marketing Cloud, and you are in a position to execute a great strategy.

If you are looking to upskill in-house instead of outsourcing, read our brochure for employers and see how Supermums can help empower your team with Salesforce Marketing Cloud skills.

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Course includes…


Our curriculum includes official Trailhead Academy training content alongside other added value content available to work through in a flexible way.

Weekly Live Sessions

On a weekly basis, our trainers will provide 2.5 hour live group training and mentoring sessions to help you deepen your understanding.


Learn, share and grow with others through both our online communities and in-person events.


You’ll receive a Supermums Certificate of Achievement for completing the Marketing Cloud Course & support to pass your Salesforce certifications.

Employability Support

We help you prepare your CV and interview via our Employability Learning Module and one to one support from our Recruitment Team. 


After you graduate, we can put you forward for available Salesforce roles working with partners and customers.

Exam Prep

The course will prepare you for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam and the Marketing Cloud Admin Exam. 


Get access to our Accelerate your Salesforce Career Coaching Programme. Upskill in coaching tools and stay motivated and focused on your goals by joining bi-weekly group coaching sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. There are two backgrounds that can launch you into a Marketing Cloud career through our 14-week course. 

  • You are a marketing professional looking to add technical skills to your portfolio by learning a powerful marketing automation tool. 
  • You have a background in Salesforce and are seeking your niche by adding another product to your skillset.

All prices are for payment in full. We offer three month payment plans for a small additional fee. 

For more information about our pricing, download an information pack. 

Marketing Cloud skills are in huge demand! Once you are certified, your new skills and experience means you will be have access to a range of new roles. Our Recruitment team will introduce you to role and our partners to help broker work opportunities.

There are a number of types of roles you can go for depending on your previous skills, experience and they type work you are looking for. Marketing Cloud roles are available both in house and at consultancies, working for a variety of clients. Some roles will combine opportunities to build journeys and use your creativity, others will be far more technical or data driven.

Some job titles for Marketing Cloud professionals include:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Operations
  • Marketing Cloud Consultant
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Marketing Cloud Product Owner
  • Marketing Cloud Analyst
  • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Marketing Cloud Architect
  • Marketing Data Analyst

The list goes on – get more insight into what working with Marketing Cloud is like with our Marketing Cloud Career Jam video.

Real-life instances of Marketing Cloud are hard to come by! That is why we have partnered with Trailhead Academy to give you access to a 2 week trial instance of Marketing Cloud.

During this time, our team provides extra office hours in addition to the weekly webinars to work through scenarios and build out some of our very own marketing campaigns! We’ll even start off by getting our hands dirty setting up the Marketing Cloud Connect to leverage the power of Marketing Cloud in conjunction with the Salesforce CRM.

Yes, we have partnered with Trailhead Academy to offer this 14 week course in a remote and flexible format for the first time. You’ll have access to live and recorded webinars and an online learning community.

Yes, you will become part of our robust Supermums almuni community once you graduate. This includes various virtual alumni events throughout the year, a dedicated Slack channel and a Trailblazer group. Benefit from continued motivation, training and expertise once you qualify as an admin through our follow-on courses. Progress down a consultancy or administrator track, or benefit from our career coaching

There are two major obstacles to learning Marketing Cloud. 

  1. A lack of practice environments. 
  2. Most courses week-long bootcamps.
We have built our programme to support you from start to finish by providing you with the content of the Trailhead Academy Marketing Cloud Connect (MCC-201) bootcamp & practice environments for hands-on learning all within our flexible, 14-week long programme. Our additional content will focus on helping you get Salesforce certified and making you an attractive candidate to any company.

We launched Supermums to provide a holistic package of support to empower women to retrain and launch their career working with Salesforce. However we attract a range of trainees to our programme and we reinvest the income to further our mission to support mums. They are keen to…

  • Further their career.
  • Gain more flexibility and fulfilment.
  • Skill up in technology and future-proof their career.
  • Achieve an international qualification to work globally.

Sometimes it’s just easier to talk. Head over to our ‘Book a call‘ page and find a day and time that works for you and you can book in a chat with one of the team. 

Award Winning Industry Recognition

Salesforce also nominated Supermums and Heather for a number of other awards to celebrate our work in the sector.

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