Can you benefit from Pro-Bono Salesforce support?

Can we help with your backlog?

Do you have a backlog of work or training that needs doing on your Salesforce system, then perhaps our volunteer team of Supermums can help?

At Supermums we  are on a mission to help female returners retrain and this involves looking for suitable opportunities for our Salesforce Admin Training Graduates to complete volunteer pro-bono placements working alongside an experienced Salesforce professional.

We have had over 1000 trainees pass through our programme and deliver 48hrs of pro-bono support for non-profits.  We are really proud of our community of Graduates who have delivered over 24k hours of pro-bono support to help non-profits globally with their Salesforce projects.

Our Graduates have recently completed an in-depth 3 month (192 hrs) of Authorised Salesforce  Admin Training Course with Supermums and they are looking to get some hands on experience within a Salesforce environment. The Graduates come from a whole range of professional backgrounds and bring a wealth of expertise to any role.

What can they do?

Here a range of tasks they could do.

  • Perform a Health Check
  • Review User Adoption
  • Set up a Support Desk
  • Add New Functionality
  • Data Integrity Improvements
  • Deliver End User Training

The Volunteer can provide 48hrs of volunteer support over a 6-8 week period (16hrs a week) which should be under the management of a Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce Consultant working within your company/charity who can oversee their work.

When can they get started

We look to place Graduates into Pro-Bono Placements four times a year, typically Sept, Dec, Feb and May.

You can have one or more Volunteers at any one time, and choose to have Volunteers working with you through out the year.

We have Volunteers available throughout the USA, EMEA and ANZ.

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