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Meet fellow Supermums Team members, volunteers, trainees and alumni at the upcoming events. Register below so we can tell you where we will be throughout the event, invite you to exclusive events and will set up a pop up Whats’ App group to co-ordinate the day. Remember to wear your SWAG so we can find you.

10th – 11th April – Education Summit, Texas, US.

18th – 19th April – DevOps Dreamin’, Chicago, IL, US.

24th April – Supermums Virtual Event – ISV DemoJam

4th May – New York World Tour, NY, US

15th May – Supermums Meet Up, London, UK.

29th April – Albanian Dreamin, Tirana, Albania.

8th May – MidAtlanticDreamin’, Philadelphia, PA, US.

9th – 11th May – Tableau Conference, Las Vegas, NV, US, you can also tune in virtually on Salesforce+.

16th May – World Tour Paris, Paris, France.

18th-19th May – Texas Dreamin’, Texas, US.

26th May – Czech Dreamin’, Prague, Czech Republic.

7th – 8th June – Connections 2023, Chicago, US.

7th – 9th June – Buckeye Dreamin’, Columbus, Ohio, US.

9th June – London’s Calling, London, UK.

14th – 16th June – Dreamin’ in Color, Raleigh, US.

16th June – YeurDreamin’June 16, 2023, Brussels, Belgium.

29th June – London World Tour, June 29, 2023.

29th – 30th June, Southeast Dreamin’, Atlanta, Georgia, US.

3rd July – Supermums Virtual Event (virtually streamed)

12th July, Forcelandia, Portland, US.

20th – 21st July – Tahoe Dreamin’, Lake Tahoe, US.

16th – 18th August – Midwest Dreamin’, Minneapolis, US.

18th – 19th August – WITness Success, Minneapolis, US.

24th – 25th August, Life Sciences Dreamin’, Fort Lauderdale, US.

29th August – Supermums Summer Social, London

30th – 31st August Mile High Dreamin’, Denver, Colorado, US.

12th – 14th September – Dreamforce, You can catch it in San Francisco, US, or watch virtually online on Salesforce+

25th September – Supermums Virtual ISV Demo Jam

13th November – Supermums 2023 Graduation

Join our Supermums Network

Our online Facebook Group community is a place for you to find out more about what we do and connect with other mums, volunteers, alumni, trainees or partners around empowering topics such as returning to work, career choices, work/life balance and insight into the world of Salesforce. Our founder, Heather Black facilitates the network. We would love you to join us.

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Join our Global Community

With over 500 trainees and 6500 in our wider community who have benefited from our free educational resources we are delighted to have such a rich community. We have internationally diverse trainees and engaged volunteers from over 9 different countries and we have worked with over 100 companies who get involved in volunteering, recruiting or sponsorship with Supermums world-wide. Since 2016 we have attracted a global following across our social media platforms and we invite you to get involved

Event Community Meet Up Registration

We are delighted to hear you are attending a community event very soon and we would love to bring members of our Supermums community together to hang out and get exclusive invites to events with our sponsors.  We will email you a schedule for the day and also create a pop up whats app group so members attending can converse! Just let us know your details below 

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