Life of a Salesforce Supermum: Salesforce Project Manager at SSE

Lucy was looking for a more flexible well-paid career that enabled her to achieve a work-life balance when she came across Salesforce Supermums.


Flexibility is something the majority of our trainees are looking for when they decide to embark on a career in salesforce. Working in a role with Salesforce CRM mean’s you can work from anywhere as along as the company culture supports flexibility and the job role lends itself to this type of role.


Lucy secured a role at School for Social Entrepreneurs managing their Salesforce system, following graduation and job placement support from the Supermums programme. Lucy tells us what her life is like now.

“I’m enjoying the organisation and the job. The flexible working has enabled me to reduce the hours I commute and enabled me to create a better work-life balance. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in Salesforce. My work days tend to be fast moving and challenging with a constant need to juggle a variety of demands, deadlines and problems which need solving. I’m loving the opportunity to utilise my strategic and problem solving skills and being a relational and supportive part of the team.

I would recommend learning how to customise Salesforce to anyone considering it. The product is a fantastic tool which is increasingly used, and it also provides transferable skills which would look good on any CV. 

My work background was in the charity sector, mainly working with vulnerable women. I had previously worked with Access Databases in my role, and I enjoy data and analytics. I think Salesforce is a fantastic product for charities and moving into a career in Salesforce felt like the natural progression for me.

I would recommend the Supermums Programme. It is intense, thorough and demanding but provides an amazing foundation knowledge in Salesforce customisation.

The support finding work in the field was invaluable.The work experience was really important especially in terms of understanding how Salesforce partners work and best practice models. From a learning perspective, I appreciated having input from a variety of sources including our trainer, mentor and peers. They were all an incredibly valuable part of the learning experience.”  

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