Day in the Life: Erika, from stay at home mum to Salesforce Developer in 18 months

Erika is a mum of two from France living in London. After having a career break to raise her family she knew she wanted to go back to work in the digital transformation space and the Salesforce ecosystem was the perfect fit due its equality, diversity and support of women.


Supermums courses taken :
Admin course, September 2019 and PD1 course, April 2020

What is your job title?
Associate Salesforce Developer

Where do you work now?
Deutsche Bank in London

What does the business do?
Deutsche Bank is a leading German bank with strong European roots providing banking services to companies, governments, investors, businesses and private individuals.  

How did you get into Salesforce / find out about the Supermums courses?

I was a housewife and full time mum for 4 years but before that i worked on digital transformations projects. I knew that i wanted to go back to work still in the same space but more around the how to be digital. When i researched companies Salesforce seemed like a great fit due to them being good at diversity, equality for women and supporting them back to work so i knew i needed to focus on getting a role in the ecosystem. 

What was it like having a mentor? How did you work / meet together?
I was so lucky, he was a great mentor. Somehow, Supermums found me a french speaking mentor but he lived in Sweden. We spoke every week after the live classes and once i had made a start on the homework tasks.  We would spend time brainstorming questions and answers. It was great as he knew instantly if i had missed something or got the answer wrong and would steer me to find the right answer. Having a mentor and the work experience project was one of the main reasons that i chose to study with Supermums over other courses.

Please share a little about the work experience element of the course. What company did you do this for? What did you do?
My work experience was great. I ended up working for a French agency with an international team which was great during Covid as it showed that i could work virtually. I found that each week what i learned on the course and with the homework was directly applied to the project i was working on. At first i was nervous but the project enabled me to consolidate my knowledge and get comfortable with whats being asked of you. When i looked up job specs it asked about work experience and project experience so having both of these really helped, especially with my confidence that i knew i could do it.

How did you get your job?
In a few Admin interviews, i was asked if i knew how to code and i didn’t. I didn’t want to be asked and say no so i wanted to learn it. I started by doing Trailheads but they are quite in-depth for a beginner so i did a few online courses, read lots of books, joined community and user groups and then did the Supermums PD1 course. I already speak 3 languages so it wasn’t hard to learn another language of talking to and understanding a computer.

What are your top tips for anyone wanting to become a developer? 

– Google is your friend! (there is not shame in googling everything)

– Join developer groups and find people that you can talk to

– Do courses like PD1 from Supermums or RAD Women

– Follow lots of people onTwitter

– Do Trailheads and keep going

What’s next for you?

Be a better developer and focus on APEX and Java…and home schooling!

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