Anita, How I launched my Salesforce career with Supermums & Exponent Partners

After raising her children, Anita discovered the Supermums network and got hands-on experience with Exponent Partners.


  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: USA
  • Sector: Retail
  • Job Title: Salesforce Administrator
  • Works: Exponent Partners
  • Lives: California, United States
Anita decided to upskill and launch her Salesforce career because.. 


Having stepped away from working full time to raise her children and ready to return to the workforce, Anita discovered the Supermums network 


Anita decided to upskill in Salesforce Admin Course with Supermums because.. 

I would absolutely recommend the Supermums program! This is by far the best way to join the Salesforce Ohana and to use your skills in real-world applications, not just learn concepts in a classroom. All the instructors are extremely knowledgeable, with many real-world examples. 

I completed nearly 150 badges in Trailhead during the course, and Supermums also had additional weekly homework assignments where I actually applied my new skills to a real-world situation. This challenged me on another level and helped me feel much more confident in my abilities.  

My favourite part of the Supermums course is the hands-on work experience with Exponent Partners who were very supportive and were eager to help me become a trusted part of their team. It is the most valuable way to learn Salesforce — and be the most confident in your abilities. 

These are the key points of this program that you can NOT get anywhere else, and I feel so much more confident and ready to take on any Salesforce situation because of this experience and their continued support even after the class has ended. 


Anita was able to launch her new Salesforce career successfully because…. 

This experience has been the best relaunch effort I have ever made. I have not only used all the technical Salesforce Admin skills from the course, but there is also a module on how to prepare your resume, your interview skills, and Linkedin.  

Through my work experience, I also re-explored my software development skills using Platform App Builder, Apex, and Jira, along with other development and documentation tools that I am using every day in my current role. I feel much more confident in my role today and that is all due to my experience with the Supermums course and my work experience. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to them for this career opportunity. 

I completely trust the Supermums program. It is the best way to gain your best skills and experience for Salesforce. Believe in yourself, take this course, and make your career goals happen. 


Anita has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers her..  

I now work as a Content Author for the Training and Certification Team at MuleSoft, a Salesforce company and leading integration platform. 

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