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Supermums upskills mums to empower them to work in the Salesforce eco-system. By joining the Supermums programme you will be able to:

Course Cost

$2,750.00 (INC VAT)


6 months programme

12 months support

Course Dates

Feb, May, Sept & Nov



USA and EMEA Course Sponsored By:

Why train up in Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM with over 150,000 customers global companies and 30,000 non-profits including 99% of Fortune 500 customers.
  • An international job market with 4.2 M new jobs expected by 2024.
  • Salaries start at $95k -$105k/ £35k to £55k depending on previous experience.
  • Salesforce promotes values of trust, innovation, customer success and equality and they attract a global community of followers.
  • It offers a career for life with a wide range of job roles on offer.
  • The Salesforce Admin Certification is the foundation certification which can leap into into a range of roles. Depending on your skills and experience you don’t have to start out as an Salesforce Administrator, there are a whole range of roles that might suit you better. Click here to find out more the Career Options.

Why train with Supermums

Supermums was founded by a Heather Black, a mum on a mission to raise awareness and empower other mums to learn Salesforce. She re-trained in 2012 and successfully worked 3 days a week earning £5k/$10k a month working remotely when her first daughter was born.

Launched in 2016 the demand for our virtual courses took us globally and we now offer our courses and training across 3 continents with staff across the globe.

We have taught 500+ mums and dads, across 9 different countries and helped over 200 companies to recruit better talent.

We are an Official Partner with Salesforce and our Trailhead Academy Courses are commerically discounted from standard rate prices as we are a non-profit organisation on a mission to upskill parents to build better lives for their families.

Our Admin course is the foundation for any role and our course stands out from competitors as we provide wrap-around support from A to Z to help you accelerate the launch your new career. Check out the support below.

What makes us stand out

Live Salesforce Admin Accredited Training Month 1-3

- Official Trailhead Academy Partner
- Live Training delivered by Salesforce Certified Trainers
- Official Essentials for Admins (ADX201) Curriculum
- Discounted Price from Commercial Rate (£3250/$4500)
- Structured Admin Training with weekly tasks.
- 16hrs Study a week - 3hrs Live and the rest self-study
- Apply Skills in a Practical Dev Org overseen by Mentor
- Weekly Support & Accountability sessions with Mentor
- Small Regional Cohorts with Regional Trainer
- Free Admin Certification Voucher

Added Value Training to enhance your CV and Skills Month 4-6

- Admin Cert Study Group
- Third Party Apps
- Salesforce Org Health Check
- Four Roles of an Awesome Admin
- Business Analysis, Agile Project Management
- Guest Experts and Speakers
- Coaching Skills
- Employment Readiness Training
- Focus on Force Membership
- Total 40 days worth of learning over 6 months

Practical Hands on Experience

- Guarenteed* Live Unpaid Work Experience Placement
- NB *Admin Training has to be completed
- Min 48hr Work Placement during month 4-6
- Placement with a Non-Profit or Business
- Support from Experiened Mentor and Supervisor
- Seek References from Mentor and Placement Supervisor

Dedicated In-House Support Team

- We have over 20 staff at Supermums
- Full Time Trainers and Student Support Team
- One to One Mentor providing 1-2hrs support weekly
- Global Community Manager for Students and Alumni
- Career Coaching for one to one and group coaching
- Recruitment Team to support your Job Readiness

Your Support Community

- Global leading brands endorse Supermums
- Official Salesforce Talent Alliance Partner
- Global Virtual Alumni Network of 550+ since 2016
- Peer Community of Like- Minded Learners
- Over 100 volunteer mentors support us globally
- Over 200 employers hire from us globally
- Ongoing Alumni Events and Meet Ups

Employment Readiness Support

- Career Support with 1-2-1 Career Coaching Session
- Confidence Building with Fortnightly Career Coaching
- Boost your Career Employment Readiness Course
- Linked In Profile Training and Review
- Personal Branding for Social Media Prescence
- One to One CV Template and Repackage
- One to One Interview Preparation
- Mock Interview with Mentor
- Job Search Support
- Live Job Alerts from our Recruitment Team

Career Progression

- Free Ongoing Training Programme
- Additional Training Courses
- Weekly Educational Content via Podcast/Blog
- Free Alumni Events

Meet the Delivery Team

Sheala Vast-Binder - USA Training Manager
Diane Wilcock - USA Career Coach
Screenshot 2021-11-18 at 13.52.25
Nikki Scaife - EMEA Training Manager
Maria Stanford - EMEA Career Coach

Have you got a question about the Admin course?

Hear from our Trainees

Profiled In

Supermums is championed by Salesforce

Heather, the founder of Supermums is recognised as a trailblazer and was awarded a coveted Golden Hoodie from Salesforce for her work supporting mums globally. Salesforce created this Trailblazer video to showcase the work of Supermums and invited her to speak in-front of 10,000 people at Salesforce World Tour. Supermums is now renowned in the Salesforce eco-system and has attracted volunteers and employers worldwide. Supermums is a registered Salesforce Consultancy Partner.

The Supermums Course is special as it includes....


Our in-depth curriculum of 16 hrs each week for six months will equip you in Salesforce Admin and added values skills. Benefit from amazing trainers through weekly live virtual training webinars, hands-on practice and Trailhead.


Your personal mentor will boost your knowledge, competence and confidence in the technical skills and capabilities. They meet with you to check your progress and homework each week over 6 months. 

Work Experience

Get hands-on experience with a real customer to add to your CV. You will benefit from working with an experienced Salesforce professional for approximately 48 hours. They will provide guidance and a valuable reference for your CV. 


You’ll receive a Supermums Certificate of Achievement and be ready to book your Admin Certification exam with a Salesforce accredited test centre thanks to our exam prep sessions after completion of the 6 month course.


Our Employability Course will power you with confidence to pitch yourself well to potential employers. On completion of your certification our Recruitment team will also offer one to one support and introduce you to suitable roles alongside other ways to find job opportunities.


Benefit from peer motivation, accountability and celebrations by joining our a cohort of learners and our wider community for life. Join our online communities and in-person events.

Exam Prep

Get geared up to pass your exam after you have completed the 6 month course. We run study groups to get you super focussed and prepared to pass your Salesforce Administrator certification!


Get access to our Accelerate your Salesforce Career Coaching Programme.Upskill in coaching tool, stay motivated and focused on your goals by joining bi-weekly group coaching sessions and benefit from a one to one career coaching session.

Real Stories from our Trainees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM with over 150,000 customers global companies and 30,000 non-profits including 99% of Fortune 500 customers.
  • An international job market with 4.2 M new jobs expected by 2024.
  • Salaries start at $95k -$105k/ £35k to £55k depending on previous experience.
  • Salesforce promotes values of trust, innovation, customer success and equality and they attract a global community of followers.
  • It offers a career for life with a wide range of job roles on offer.

To launch your new career! You should enroll if you are: 

  • Serious about committing to 16 hours of flexible study a week. This equates to 40 days over six months with the opportunity to do added value training.
  • Looking for clear deadlines and accountability each week to complete learning tasks to keep you focused and on track to achieving your goal.
  • Enjoy regular progress reviews and feedback on your learning via weekly one-to-one virtual mentoring calls.
  • Wanting real-life work experience in a supportive environment and a reference to add to your CV.
  • Looking for post training support to progress your certification and career goals. Following the 6 months training, we offer ongoing coaching, exam study groups and employment support to help you take the next steps successfully into work.
  • Wanting to part of a peer cohort and community of other parents who are transitioning into a new career for moral support and industry friends for life.

There are different ways to train up in Salesforce but we have put together a holistic programme over 12 months that is way beyond just training, hard to find elsewhere and we believe gives you the best chance of success.

None, the Salesforce Administrator certification is the foundation qualification which gives you the springboard to step into a range of technical and non-technical roles straight away. We cover the content to pass the certification on our course.

All prices are for payment in full. We offer three month payment plans for a small additional fee.

For more information about our pricing, download an information pack. 

We believe our work experience project, something that’s unique to the Supermums  Admin course, provides you with valuable experience that you can add to your CV. This along with your background could help you walk into project management, business analysis, sales, customer success, system management and Salesforce admin roles earning on average, £45K/$100k+ (salary subject to location and previous experience). 

There are different ways to train up in Salesforce, but we have put together a holistic programme over 12 months that is way beyond just training. As part of the Admin course, we match you to a mentor, who can give you not only technical guidance, but motivation and moral support when you need it! You will also get valuable work experience on a live project which you can add to your CV, career coaching and employability support. 

We believe that our additional content and support is critical to helping you launch successfully into employment  by ensuring you are Salesforce certified and making you an attractive candidate to any company.

Yes. Our training provides flexibility for parents. We run live webinars every week for 1 – 2.5hrs but you can juggle the other 14hrs study in your own time. If you can’t make the webinars no problem, our remote training includes access to a learning portal where you can watch re-play videos, access material and submit your homework.

We want to give you the best experience, support and advice to accelerate your employment success. We have a 75% success rate of trainees securing roles within three months of looking. Our course equips you with so much more than standard Salesforce Admin training. We go above and beyond to give you the preparation to launch your new career and get your certification.

Yes. Salesforce is a cloud-based, global business which means a lot of roles can be remote too and so is our training. Our course is fully virtual and flexible and you’ll have access to live and recorded webinars and an online learning community. 

Whatever part of the world you are in, as long as you have an internet connection and an internet browser, you can participate in the programme. We have attracted trainees from over nine different countries to join us so far and we continue to grow.

Award Winning Industry Recognition

Salesforce also nominated Supermums and Heather for a number of other awards to celebrate our work in the sector.

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