Day in the Life: Seema, from Realtor to Salesforce Business Analyst

Seema is a mom of 3 and shares her journey from a Realtor in LA and retraining to become a Salesforce Business Analyst in Florida. The Salesforce ecosystem not only allows you to change career paths, but also gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and around your family and commitments.

By Jennifer Wood

September 1, 2021


  • Course: Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course
  • Region: US
  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Job Title: Salesforce Business Analyst
  • Works: A fully remote position for Liberty IT Solutions, a Booz Allen company, who are based in Florida.
  • Lives: California

A returner to tech

When her kids were young, Seema found being a mom and working full time as a design engineer didn’t bring her the balance she wanted. She took a step back and after a career break, worked as a realtor for a few years…until she found Salesforce! Seema found that she could still do some of the technical work she enjoyed, have the flexibility she wanted and leverage the communication & customer relationship skills she’d developed as a realtor.

Seema discovered Trailhead,  attended at Trailhead career day, met Supermums and realised

‘”Oh this is exactly what I needed, being a mother and training in the Salesforce world. ”

After doing some research and chatting with the team, the Supermums Consulting Skills Course seemed to be a good fit:

“I enjoyed working with customers and clients, but I still like the tech side so its kind of a great combination. I was really exited to find the class.”

“I wish I had discovered it sooner”

Coaching for confidence: ‘I can do this!’

At Supermums we know that success isn’t just about knowing Salesforce, its also about having other skills, confidence and connections.

The Supermums Consulting Skills course covers a variety of topics aimed at helping trainees to understand critical components of a successful Salesforce project, including business analysis, requirements gathering, project and change management and more! However, like all Supermums’ standard courses, it also includes coaching which helped give Seema the confidence boost she needed:

“Heather’s personal coaching on the side, the coaching class, I found that really great as I didn’t know anything about consulting & the Salesforce field before. It gave me a lot of knowledge and I felt really confident with that.”

“Definitely it gave me the confidence and the knowledge, about what it takes to be a consultant…… before that I wasn’t too sure exactly what a Salesforce Consultant does. But this helped me say, oh yeah, I can do this! I understand all the terms and everything. That helped a lot.” Hear Seema talk about why the course was a good fit & how it helped her at minute 6.05 in  the video. 

The Supermums community is key to success

Seema found that Supermums community a huge boost her morale, but also practically very useful:

“Meeting other members of the class was really great because there are people from all over the world,  and many people were already working, so we discussed their current situations, things they were facing at work, that was really interesting.

“I’d been studying [for the Admin cert] on my own, so to find this community was really nice. It’s a very supportive community and of course you learn a lot too…especially in this world now we are remote, it was a great way to connect with people. Find out about the community support Seema found at minute 8.55 .

Making connections it not simply a nice added extra. It’s a critical part of building a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. Seema found this to be especially true as she was referred to the company she now works for by a Supermum alumni.

“LinkedIn helped a lot, a lot of the Supermums are on LinkedIn so connecting with each other opens you up to a whole new network”

“One of the other Supermums who was in the class ahead of me, she referred me [to her employer]. Definitely networking helped here!”

During the job search Seema was also able to make use of the employability content we include to support transitions into the ecosystem. A big part if this is encouraging trainees to think abut the transferrable skills they can bring into a role. As  realtor, Seema found her experience of listening to customers, trying to understand  their needs and translate this into solutions incredibly relevant to a Business Analyst role. From finding the right home to delivering a Salesforce project: you may be surprised, but it’s a remarkably similar skill set!

“You do have interview preparation and resume writing….Bringing out your other skills, yes they want to know about Salesforce but they [are] looking for these other things too, and definitely that’s something we need to highlight in our interviews and in our resume.”

Skip to 10.38 in the video to hear Seema talk about transferrable skills from work and motherhood.

Seema admits there were challenges, but it was all worth it as she now has a fully remote, flexible role and is excited for her future:

“I feel it’s wide open now, as I gather more experience I’d love to transition to more, different roles and keep learning. I think with Salesforce you can keep going, it doesn’t end!“

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