Day in the Life: Seema, from Realtor to Salesforce Business Analyst

Seema is a mom of 3 and shares her journey from a Realtor in LA and retraining to become a Salesforce Business Analyst in Florida. The Salesforce ecosystem not only allows you to change career paths, but also gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and around your family and commitments.


  • Course: Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course
  • Region: USA
  • Sector: Real Estate
  • Job Title: Salesforce Business Analyst
  • Works: A fully remote position for Liberty IT Solutions, a Booz Allen company, who are based in Florida.
  • Lives: California
Seema decided to upskill and accelerate her Salesforce career because..

I was a real estate agent for seven or eight years. I entered that field because I had kids at home and I really enjoyed that I was able to set my own hours and be self-employed, and I enjoyed working with people; however, my background is in the technical world, I am an electrical engineer by training, and I stepped back from that when I had my three children.


About two years ago I discovered Salesforce and Trailhead and started working on it part time. After I earned my admin certification, I found it challenging to find my first position in the Salesforce ecosystem as I didn’t have any experience in it. I met Supermums at a Salesforce Trailhead career day and it was exactly what I needed being a mother entering the Salesforce world, so I joined the Consultancy Skills Course.


I felt Consultancy was a good fit for me because I did enjoy working with clients, I had that sales side of me, and I still liked the technical side, so it was a great combination.


Seema decided to upskill in Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course with Supermums because..

The course was really interesting and useful. Every week there is a different topic like agile project management, change management and business analysis. It was really great because I didn’t know anything about Salesforce consulting before that, and so it really gave me a lot of knowledge and I felt really confident with it. I also really liked the coaching classes.


Meeting the other members of the cohort was great as many people were already working so we would discuss some of their current situations and things that they were facing at work. I’d been studying on my own previously, so to find this community was really nice; you get this great support from moms and dads, and it was a great way to connect with people especially in a world that is now more remote.


Seema was able to launch her new Salesforce career successfully because….

The course definitely gave me the knowledge of what it takes to be a Salesforce consultant, and helped me say ‘I can do this’.


I had been working in real estate where I dealt with a lot of customers; talking to other clients and being patient and figuring out what they want, and then running meetings – all those are definitely skills that are needed in these roles. I think that mothers have a lot of these skills as well.


One of the other Supermums who had started maybe a few months before me got a job in a company called Liberty IT Solutions. They were actually based on the East Coast and I’m on the West Coast, but they were very open to remote work, so she referred me, and I interviewed with them and was hired. I started working beginning of March this year.


Seema has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers her…

I live in LA, and I’m currently a Business Analyst at Liberty IP Solutions.


I’m in the Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course at Supermums and I’m enjoying it.

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