Day in the life: Nikki from Education to Salesforce Training Manager

Nikki’s Story

We welcome Nikki to the Supermums family as our EMEA Training Manager.

Nikki has worked with Salesforce in different charities since 2005 and is a big fan with loads of Salesforce user experience. She decided to upskill and get officially certified in Salesforce with Supermums in 2019. She brings 15 years experience in the training and education sector as a qualified teacher and education manager. She now leads on managing our training courses in EMEA helping our trainees and mentors to succeed in their roles.

Hear Nikki’s Supermums story and how she juggles being a Mum of three, working and how Supermums helped changed her career.

How did you get into Salesforce / find out about the Supermums courses?

I had used salesforce over many years and always loved the scope of it for creating real solutions with data. I was then searching for articles about women in tech and career transitions and came across Supermums.

What were you doing before transitioning to a Salesforce career / starting a Supermums course?
My career has been in the education and charity sectors from teaching maths in secondary schools, through overseeing the quality of education, teacher training of adults and most recently I set up and managed an Alternative Provision school for teenagers who were excluded from mainstream education. Effective data has always been key to the success of my work and have therefore been heavily involved in the design and adoption of the CRM from a management point of view.

How was the process of making that change / career pivot? Where there skills and knowledge that transferred particularly well? If you feel you can, include anything you found challenging and how you overcame it.
As my family grew I knew I wanted to work in a way that complemented family life. I had a wishlist of a career that was meaningful, flexible, part time, relevant to my previous experience, and was enjoyable. I wasn’t sure I would find anything that specific! And then I stumbled across Supermums and your quest to get more people just like me into flexible, well paid work and the rest is history!

When I started the course I had just had my third child and I definitely found it a juggle. The beauty of it was being able to carve out my own schedule each week to make sure I could get it all done. I can remember night feeds listening to salesforce podcasts!

Can you share a little about your experience of the course(s)? What was the best thing about it and what was the most challenging?
There were so many great things about the course but in particular it was the mentoring and the work experience that set it apart for me. To be paired with seasoned experts in both those aspects really accelerated my learning. I think remote learning can be challenging in itself but Supermums does a great job of knowing this and setting up mechanisms to support that.

What do you think is great about the Supermums programme and why do you think people should do it?
I think the camaraderie of learning with a cohort of people in similar situations really helps. I think anyone looking for flexible, well paid work in a growing area of tech should definitely look at Supermums!

Please share a little about the work experience element of the course. What did you do? What was good about it? Was it useful?
I was paired with a fantastic consultancy based in Dublin and a really experienced project manager. We implemented salesforce for a charity providing support and guidance to refugees. It was so useful to get in right at the start of the project and see how to design the solution and then create it. It gave me great experience in all elements of a build from object and field creation to layouts, automation, reports and training.

I think my management experience in charity helped me to really understand their prior data use and what they needed the system to really be able to do.

Where do you work now?
I am now the EMEA Training Manager for Supermums.

Do you work flexibility? (Do you ever work from home, can you adapt your hours as suits you?)
I got my wishlist! It’s remote, part time and incredibly flexible. Heather really champions that. But equally importantly its meaningful, enjoyable and fully makes use of all my previous career.

What do you do on a typical day?
Part of what I enjoy is the variety. But on a typical day I might teach for the morning to one of the cohorts on a topic developing them in salesforce admin skills. I have zoom calls with trainees to see how people are getting on. There are various salesforce related tasks each day. And then I might be working on a development project within our own instance of salesforce to increase our functionality.

What is the most challenging thing about your role?
Currently due to Covid it’s having the three children at home and tag teaming between working and caring duties with my husband. It makes me even more appreciative of the flexibility offered through a Salesforce career. 

What is the best thing about your job?
I enjoy the variety of what I do but always particularly enjoy getting time with trainees. I enjoy seeing and being part of that progressive journey that they’re on towards a really important life goal.

What certification do you have and what are you working towards next?
I have the admin cert and am working on Platform Builder. After that I’d like to so Sales Cloud.

What is your favourite thing about Salesforce?
The fact that this one platform can create infinite different solutions for every different organisation and the fact that it is ever developing more functionality to do that with.

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