Day in the life: Nikki from Education to Salesforce Training Manager

She brings 15 years experience in the training and education sector as a qualified teacher and education manager. She now leads on managing our training courses in EMEA helping our trainees and mentors to succeed in their roles.


  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Education
  • Job Title: EMEA Training Manager
  • Works: Supermums
  • Lives: London, England, United Kingdom
Nikki decided to upskill and launch her Salesforce career because.. 

My career has been in the education and charity sectors, from teaching maths in secondary schools through to overseeing the quality of education, teacher training, and most recently, I set up and managed an Alternative Provision school for teenagers who were excluded from mainstream education. Throughout it all, one of the key areas to ensure success has been effective data to make informed decisions, so I’ve always had a hand in CRM design and adoption and used Salesforce within that scope. 


As my family grew, I wanted a career that was more flexible and would complement family life. I had a wishlist: a career that was meaningful, flexible, part time, relevant to my previous experience, and was enjoyable. I wasn’t sure I would find anything that specific, but then I came across Supermums and it was a bit of a lightbulb moment: I can use my Salesforce experience and develop new skills in those areas and use that for a career transition. 


Nikki decided to upskill in the Salesforce Admin Course with Supermums because.. 

When I started the course, I had just had my third child so I made sure to carve out time that worked around all of my other commitments. There are elements you can break-down and do quickly.  I found the course massively achievable. There were so many great things about the course but in particular it was the mentoring and the work experience that set it apart for me, and really accelerated my learning.  

My Supermums Mentor was great, she was all about championing women in tech, so she didn’t only help me with my homework and technical questions, she also brought awareness and a wider knowledge of roles. 

I was paired with a fantastic consultancy based in Dublin for my work experience, and it was so useful to get in right at the start of the project and see how to design the solution and then create it. I think my management experience in charity helped me to really understand their prior data use and what they needed the system to really be able to do. 


Nikki was able to accelerate her Salesforce career successfully because…. 

At the start of the course, it was like learning a whole new terminology set and ecosystem. I have always talked the language and have often found myself being part of CRM design and the management side of things, but I had to learn to talk in a more techie way.  

I carefully considered what I wanted to do, and I was very clear on that. I have a learning consciousness, so if it doesn’t make sense yet, it will, and I will stick with it and get there, because that’s the nature of learning things. 


Nikki has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers them..  

I am now the EMEA Training Manager for Supermums. I got my wishlist: It is remote, part time and incredibly flexible.  

Equally as important, its meaningful, enjoyable and fully makes use of my prior career.  

Part of what I enjoy is the variety. But on a typical day I might teach for the morning to one of the cohorts on a topic developing them in salesforce admin skills. I have zoom calls with trainees to see how people are getting on. There are various salesforce related tasks each day. And then I might be working on a development project within our own instance of Salesforce to increase our functionality.  

I want to get some more certifications, I am working on Platform App Builder at the moment, I want to do Sales Cloud after that. There’s a great consultancy course that Supermums run, and I might get more involved in that as an actual trainee participant. It’s that constant learning and grabbing different bits and then putting them all together. 


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