Day in the Life: Bruna – Marketing Cloud is an essential tool that marketers need to learn!

Bruna learnt Salesforce Marketing Cloud to enable her to understand & help her clients better. She is passionate about helping other marketers realise the endless possibilities of the Marketing Cloud product in her role as Marketing Cloud Sales Executive at Salesforce.

Bruna's Story

  • Course: Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Marketing
  • Job Title: Marketing Cloud Sales Executive
  • Works: Salesforce
  • Lives: London
Bruna upskilled with Supermums on our Salesforce Admin course in 2018, whilst working for a partner as she needed to understand the Salesforce platform in her marketing role. She added Salesforce Marketing Cloud skills to help support her role as Marketing Cloud Sales Executive for Salesforce, where she loves helping customers and clients realise the endless possibilities of the Marketing Cloud product.


Bruna decided to upskill and launch her Salesforce career because..  

I was working in MarTec start in Barcelona and the company i was at wanted to develop and integrate a new CRM platform which I needed to be involved in and understand. At the time, Salesforce wasn’t the right fit as we were only small (10 employees) so we looked at other options but we grew (to over 200 employees) and needed a better system to cope with this growth. This is when Salesforce was agreed on and I found Supermums to help me learn the foundation knowledge.

There were other Salesforce Admin options available but they were either too expensive or too intensive to mange with a full time job and 2 small children. I was asked ‘Why pay for that when there is Trailhead?’ My answer – Yes, and its great but there is so much content and no guidance. The key is ensure that you can implement and embed what you’re learning on live projects, and with Supermums, this was part of the programme.

Supermums gave me the flexibility that i needed, along with the support & accountability. The community was a big factor too – helping support other parents, like me, back to work or upskilling in their existing role. Also having a 1-2-1 mentor, who lived in Barcelona was invaluable as she was just at the end of the phone, in the same time zone and i could ask for help whenever i needed it.


Bruna decided to upskill in Marketing Cloud with Supermums because.. 

Learning the foundation knowledge of Salesforce was just the beginning for me and my career changed after i did the Salesforce Admin course.

Salesforce were hiring internally for someone to manage the Marketing Cloud platform. I wasn’t qualified but had lots of transferable skills that could be applied to this. Supermums Recruitment helped me to rebuild my CV specifically for this role and i got hired! I soon realised that i needed more knowledge to preform my role better – i needed Marketing Cloud specific knowledge. It’s so much easier to build trust and confidence with your team and clients when you know and understand a product that you are selling.


Bruna was able to excel her Salesforce career successfully because…. 

Salesforce can be so many things, from the main platform to all the other products offered. Marketing Cloud is the best selling product because it works so harmoniously with the main platform. I was finding that clients were lacking this skill set internally and were relying on partners to implement but you really need someone in house to lead the way. There was, and still is, a gap in the market for this knowledge.

Working on a daily basis in the commercial space with private companies, and also now working with and public sector team inside Salesforce looking at the ways to reach their customers, Marketing Cloud allows them to reach these via multi-channel communications using journey builder, at the right time, using the right connection, in the right way. It’s hard to do this and you need a strong system to do it, and do it right. The 360 view is golden!

I’m passionate about educating marketers about Marketing Cloud and i found that so many Supermums come from a marketing and comms background. This niche tool is ideal to excel and progress their careers and opens up so many opportunities.


Bruna has a successful & flexible career in Salesforce that offers her…  

With Salesforce, you can build a different life. You can reach the goals of your clients but in your own time. You are never bored or short of work but equally you are your own boss and manage your own time and this comes from the leadership team down. Taking time out to be with my children and being flexible really makes me more productive!

Are you considering a career in Marketing Cloud? There isn’t a better time than NOW! Technology continues to grow and there are always new technologies so don’t wait to start. Any knowledge you learn in a CRM platform is the basis of all knowledge in the tech industry that can be applied in so many different industries, roles etc. My advice, DON’T THINK, DO!


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