Day in the Life: Raymond, from diamonds to technology

With no career progression opportunities in his sales role, Ray contacted a friend in the Salesforce ecosystem. Now he is 3 x certified and a Junior Consultant at a multinational technology company.


  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Retail
  • Job Title: Salesforce Consultant
  • Works: Ignyto
  • Lives: Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom
Raymond decided to upskill and launch his Salesforce career because.. 

I had spent 10 years working as a salesman for an online jewellery retailer, but there were no prospects for promotion or career growth, or even a pay rise. I used to work weekends so seeing my wife and son for any decent amount of time was reserved for holidays.  

Following an annual review, I messaged a friend who runs his own Salesforce consultancy, simply saying “What is it you do again?”. He replied with a salary survey and gave me an insight into the ecosystem and told me to have a look at Trailhead. His partner had recently completed the Supermums Admin course and wholly recommended it to me. 


Raymond decided to upskill in Salesforce Admin Course with Supermums because.. 

The course was very well structured and covered most information you would need to be able to run a Salesforce org as an admin. It was challenging learning a whole new system: I had worked with CRMs before but never Salesforce, so as a complete beginner, learning the material was the most challenging part, but also the most rewarding when something clicked, and you finally understood it. 

Having a mentor was incredibly useful going through the course – the feedback provided and support available is essential to not just complete the tasks, but to better understand the work as well.  

I did my work experience for a company called Meylor Campbell. The work wasn’t too complex, but it was a great experience working in a live org and seeing how it is used on a day-to-day basis. 


Raymond was able to launch his new Salesforce career successfully because…. 

I think the Supermums programme is a great introduction into the Salesforce ecosystem, it gives you a connection with numerous people in the same position as you, and the course material and work experience provide an excellent platform to spring into a new career. 

Since the transition, and passing my Admin exam, I have gone on to complete my App Builder certificate and have been promoted to a Junior Consultant Role. 


Raymond has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers him…  

I feel I have been incredibly lucky in the timing of my career change. First, I passed my Certificate in Jan 2020 and was lucky enough to secure a job just before Covid hit. I have been fortunate to work from home ever since. Once you are in Salesforce, you can go far, and I have already been offered a promotion after just 8 months, and it is exactly what I had hoped for. 

I work at 4C (now Wipro), London. They are a Salesforce consultancy servicing large multinational and UK based companies. I started as the First Line Support and following my promotion, I will be the Junior Release Manager (Consultant). 

Working from home is a huge benefit, I chat regularly with colleagues, and I have greatly increased my knowledge of Salesforce in just eight months. 

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