Day in the Life: Raymond, from diamonds to technology

With no career progression opportunities in his sales role, Ray contacted a friend in the Salesforce ecosystem. Now he is 3 x certified and a Junior Consultant at a multinational technology company.

By Jennifer Wood

April 15, 2021


  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Retail
  • Job Title: Salesforce Consultant
  • Works: Ignyto
  • Lives: Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

Supermums course taken: Salesforce Administrator Feb 2019

How did you get into Salesforce / find out about the Supermums courses?

I was previously a salesman for an online jewellers but there were no prospects for promotion or career growth, or even a pay rise. I used to work weekends so seeing my wife and son for any decent amount of time was reserved for holidays. Following an annual review, I messaged a friend who runs his own Salesforce consultancy, simply saying “What is it you do again?”. He replied with a salary survey and gave me an insight into the ecosystem and told me to have a look at Trailhead. His partner had recently completed the Supermums Admin course and wholly recommended it to me.

What were you doing before transitioning to a Salesforce career / starting a Supermums course?

I was working for an online jewellery retailer and I really enjoyed it. Having spent 10 years in retail jewellery I had excellent product knowledge and experience in the role. Unfortunately, as a small business it was difficult to see any future there, beyond the retirement of the owner. As such, I enrolled and studied on the Supermums Admin course whilst I was still working there.

How was the process of making that change / career pivot?

I found that once I had made the decision, and committed to retraining, the process was enjoyable and exciting. All the people I spoke to at Supermums were helpful and informative. I was lucky that the webinars fell on my day off in the week, so I could attend live which helped to be able to ask any questions straight away. Salesforce is not easy to learn, but it is highly logical (for the most part), working through the course along with the Trailheads gives an excellent base knowledge to progress into a career for sure. It was a challenge for me, as my days off were now filled with gaining as much knowledge as possible on Salesforce, so time off wasn’t a thing for 6 months. But since the transition, and passing my Admin exam, I have gone on to complete my App Builder certificate, and have been promoted to a Junior Consultant Role.

Can you share a little about your experience of the course?

The Admin course was very well structured and covered most basic information you would need to be able to run a Salesforce org as an admin and pass the Admin exam. The fact it was all handled remotely was most beneficial, and our cohort set up a WhatsApp group to share questions and help each other. It was challenging learning a whole new system, I had worked with CRMs before but never Salesforce, so as a complete beginner, learning the material was the most challenging part, but also the most rewarding when something clicked and you finally understood it.

What was it like having a mentor?

Having a mentor was incredibly useful going through the course – the feedback provided and support available is essential to not just complete the tasks, but to better understand the work as well. I used to speak with my mentor once a week on a video call, and we would be in communication by email as I completed the work.

Please share a little about the work experience element of the course.

I did my work experience for a company called Meylor Campbell. Call me lucky, or unlucky, but the work wasn’t too in depth or complex, creating an object and arranging fields and page layouts with a little automation. But great experience working in a live org and seeing how it is used on a day to day basis.

What do you think is great about the Supermums programme and why do you think people should do it?

I think the Supermums programme is a great introduction into the Salesforce ecosystem, it gives you a connection with numerous people in the same position as you and the course material, and work experience provide an excellent platform to spring into a new career.

Where do you work now?

4C (now Wipro), London. They are a Salesforce consultancy servicing large multinational companies, as well as UK based

What is your job title?

First Line Support now – Junior Release Manager (Consultant) as of 1st Feb following a promotion after 8 months of 1st Line Support and the Supermums course.

How did you get that job?

I went through and contacted every Salesforce consultancy listed on the Salesforce partner page on their website. I was lucky to contact 4C at the right time.

Do you work flexibility?

Since the pandemic I have been working from home, and seems that is the vision for the future. Flexible hours are available.

What do you do in a typical day?

As first line support I work through a list of cases each day, some easy, some more complex. I access various orgs and troubleshoot and solve any problems they have (at a more basic level)

What is the most challenging thing about your role?

Some times keeping on top of the cases can be a challenge, as well as continuing to try and develop new skills. Though having said that, this role is the ideal entry role for someone new to Salesforce.

What is the best thing about your job?

Working from home is a huge benefit, I chat regularly with colleagues and I have greatly increased my knowledge of Salesforce in just 8 months.

What certification do you have and what are you working towards next?

I have my 201 Admin, Platform App Builder, and am taking the Sales Cloud Consultant this month.

 What are your top tips for studying for Salesforce certifications?

Courses are very beneficial, but practise tests are key – anywhere you can find a practise exam as the questions can be challenging and, although the exams are multiple choice, there are many questions where you will think any of the options would work. Read each question carefully and 2 or 3 times to clear it in your head before answering, then go back and check again.

What has been the biggest challenge in your Salesforce career so far?

Honestly, getting a job initially took longer had I had hoped, but since then I have not found anything overly challenging, apart from working with Flows!!

What is your favourite thing about Salesforce?

It is a highly logical platform and with a little experience, you can find the answers you need through a bit of digging – and if you can’t see the answer – Google or any of the Trail Blazer or Dev forums will have your answer, or someone available and willing to help.

Is there anything else you would really like to tell people who are considering a career in Salesforce?

Go for it, give a course or some trailheads a go and get into it a little, If that doesn’t tempt you, then look into the Mason Frank Salary Survey – that will for sure.

I feel I have been incredibly lucky in the timing of my career change, First I passed my Certificate in Jan 2020 and was lucky enough to secure a job just before Covid hit. I have been fortunate to work from home ever since. But once you are into Salesforce, you can go far, I have already been offered a promotion after just 8 months, and it is exactly what I had hoped.

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