Salesforce Business Analyst

A Business Analyst gets invested in understanding how the organisation and the team currently operate and helps them to evaluate and improve their management processes and KPI’s.

They facilitate conversations to elicit what the goals are, what the pain points are, and help the team to define their future vision for management processes and performance monitoring. They will produce documentation that summarises the requirements to support the system design.

It suits someone with a passion for management consultancy who likes to improve business processes and enable the client to realise the key performance indicators that are outlined in their business plan and CRM strategy.

Typically business analysts will have salesforce product knowledge as well as sound business management experience. We would recommend training in Business Analysis, Requirements Engineering and Process Modelling.

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£46,500 – £72,000
UK Salary Expectations
$101,000 – $121,000
USA Salary Expectations
$110,000 – $140,000
AUS Salary Expectations

Typical Responsibilities

These are the main responsibilities of being a Salesforce Business Analyst and what job postings include. You can learn these through our supermums programmes.

Collaborate with business stakeholders to understand business processes, identify gaps within current processes, define solutions to address gaps, document user stories and business requirements and associated business value.

Support the prioritisation of user stories across multiple business processes and stakeholders to drive the most business value.

Prepare technical reports by collecting and analysing information and trends.

Conduct meetings and presentations to key stakeholders.

Write specifications, procedures, workflow charts and diagrams.

Transferable Skills

You might not have all of the key skills required but your previous knowledge and experience are also what recruiters and companies are looking for.

Our Supermums Programme will support you with developing these skills that you don’t have or need to refresh.

Strong communication skills

Proven stakeholder management skills

Analytical problem-solving skills

Effectively communicate at multiple levels in the organisation

Excellent presentation and facilitation skills

Confident, self-assured, team-player, ambitious and driven.

Typical Salesforce Business Analyst Day


You start the day with a discovery session with your Client.You have gathered requirements previously and need to feedback to stakeholders on a few points an actions.

Mid Morning

You spend the rest of the morning putting the changes from the morning session into your action plan ready to deliver a progress report to your team.


You finalise the new training material you have been working on.You plan to use it to support colleagues who are using Salesforce at your company.

Late Afternoon

You’ve been working on a demo presentation ready to deliver a demo to the leadership team.

End of Day

You close the day by reviewing reports and identifying priorities for the week ahead, identifying any risks and issue arising that will become priority overt the coming days.

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