Day in the Life: Chonna, our first Supermum in the Philippines

Our first Supermum in the Philippines, Chonna, is working in a Salesforce Administrator role at SalesFix, a Salesforce Consulting Partner. Thanks to their great experience with Supermums, SalesFix are now supporting our launch in Australia and New Zealand!

By Jennifer Wood

November 2, 2021

Chonna's Story

  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: APAC
  • Sector: Retail
  • Job Title: Team Administrator EA & Sales
  • Works: SalesFix, a Salesforce implementation partner.
  • Lives: Philippines

Chonna had enjoyed using Salesforce as part of her role at SalesFix. In her day to day role she found it useful and was impressed by its capabilities. Ambitious to learn more about how it worked behind the scenes, she chatted to her manager about her career development options. She discovered that learning more about Salesforce would be really beneficial to herself, and her employer too. Luckily, Chonna’s manager, having worked in the ecosystem for a while, knew about Supermums and encouraged Chonna to do some more research into her training options.

Having looked at a few training providers, Chonna decided that the Supermums Salesforce Administrator course was the one for her.

‘I liked the opportunity to attend live sessions with a trainer and have a clear structure of topics to work on each week.’

Supermums has always been a fully virtual programme, making it a flexible and easy to access training option, no matter where you are in the world. Chonna is our first Supermum trainee in the Philippines, but she says she never felt alone:

‘It was great having a group of people to learn with. We all have different backgrounds and are at different levels, but we were able to support each other. I also had a mentor that I met with every week online. It was really useful to have some 1-2-1 time to ask questions and get help if I needed it.’

A unique element of the Supermums programme is the hands on work experience opportunity provided to all trainees. As she was already working for a Salesforce Consultant, Chonna worked on one of their projects under the guidance of a Project Manager. It worked so well that SalesFix saw the opportunity to give more Salesforce trainees the experience they need to get started in the ecosystem.


SalesFix is excited to be working with Supermums and providing opportunities to upskill, retrain and welcome mums back into the workforce.

“For SalesFix, getting Chonna skilled up through Supermums was a fantastic opportunity. Great for her, great for us! We’re all really passionate about Salesforce as a career so to enable one of our own to grow their own career was wonderful.”

So, the future is looking bright for Chonna: she’s working as a Salesforce Administrator already and is revising for her certification. ‘I’ve seen others in my group pass, so although I’m nervous about it, I’m excited for the possibilities too.’

You’ve got his Chonna! We look forward to hearing of your success and thanks for being our Trailblazer in the region!

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Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global marketing, PR, events and all things social media. She also look's after the Supermums Brand Ambassadors to help grow and share the love of Supermums.
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