Day in the Life: Bridget – Marketing Cloud gave me the high-demand skill set I was looking for

With over 20 years experience in Marketing, Bridget wanted to build a high-demand skill set that would compliment this she is 3 x Salesforce certified and works as an Engagement Manager at Media.Monks.

By Jennifer Wood

May 15, 2022

Bridget's Story

  • Course: Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Region: US
  • Sector: Marketing
  • Job Title: Engagement Manager, Global Salesforce Practice
  • Works: Media.Monks
  • Lives: San Francisco, USA

With over 20 years experience in Marketing, Bridget wanted to build a high-demand skill set that would compliment this knowledge. Week long courses cost the same as the Supermums Salesforce Marketing Cloud course however no others offered a work programe, 2 weeks access to a Trail Org or had Heather’s vast knowledge of the non-profit sector, which was something Bridget was interested in.

What were you doing before transitioning to a Salesforce career / starting a Supermums course?

I had been a marketing consultant or director for various startups and Fortune 500 companies. I had also been upskilling in design thinking and bringing that mindset of human-centered design and problem solving to my consulting work and to marketing.

Why did you decide to train with Supermums as opposed to other courses? 

After looking at a week of Salesforce training, I noticed the Supermum program was about the same cost, but offered 4-months of training including a work program. I also had my eye on working with non-profits. So three things sold me:

1) Heather’s story (as a mom and her focus in non-profits and training others)

2) Mentorship by a current Salesforce professional

3) Work program post training. I could see the value of mentorship and the job role as a huge advantage over a week long Salesforce training.

What are you doing now in your Salesforce role? 

About 1.5 years after starting with Supermums, I am a 3 x certified Salesforce professional. I’m working in what feels like a dream job for Media.Monks, as an Engagement Manager, for their Global salesforce practice. Working in Marketing Cloud everyday with world renowned non-profits and global Fortune 50 companies.

What does day to day look like for you in the job role ?

Everyday I am meeting with internal teams and clients, working on strategy and the execution of marketing programs, primarily client and prospect emails and cross-channel marketing programs (paid media and email) aimed at prospective clients or current clients; engagement and conversion journeys.

How and what learning have you completed to upskill ready for this role?

I earned my Salesforce admin cert, Marketing Cloud email and Marketing Cloud admin certs, and I am still working toward my SFMC  consultant cert. The Supermums training has opened the door to the Salesforce ecosystem that embraces design thinking, collaborative problem solving, and creative solutions. I feel like everything I’ve done prior supports my current role, however, the admin and marketing cloud training and certifications  is really what opened the door to this dream company and job.

How was the process of making that change / career pivot? 

Change is scary and energizing all at the same time, and at times when doing the admin homework, along with marketing consulting work, I was thinking, is this really for me? But in talking with the Supermums staff, like Chelyn, Brooke, and attending Heather’s coaching sessions, I got a more clear picture about the paths I could take and build upon the foundation of the admin certification. I saw myself as a business analyst or project manager, and that is essentially what I do today, along with ensuring client success over long-term global engagements.

So many skills were transferable, from time and project management, to marketing (both b2b and b2c), design thinking, sales, customer success & software development.

Have you achieved the career goals that you had planned for in terms of flexibility, salary, job roles?

Yes, yes, and yes. I have a flexible role (work from home, or many places around the globe, with a good salary, many future opportunities and fulfilment working with non/profits and a for a fast-growing, world-wide, b-corp)

What 3 tips would you share with others thinking about taking the step into Salesforce and Supermums?

  1. Don’t hesitate to start with the courses!
  2. If you have doubts reach out to those who have walked the walk already for encouragement.
  3. At times, It will be challenging, even overwhelming, but that is a part of learning something new, embrace it as the path to your exciting future.

You’ve got this Bridget! We look forward to hearing your continued success and thanks for being one of our Marketing Cloud Trailblazers in the USA!

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Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global marketing, PR, events and all things social media. She also look's after the Supermums Brand Ambassadors to help grow and share the love of Supermums.
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