Day in the Life: Paola – Getting access to a practise org made all the difference when i was learning Marketing Cloud

Paola, mom of 2 from Florida, wanted a more flexible marketing role that didn't impact on her salary. Getting access to a practise org made all the difference when she was learning Marketing Cloud and helped her secure a great role, that met her requirements, because she had the hands on experience, and certs!

Paola's Story

  • Course: Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Region: USA
  • Sector: Business Services
  • Job Title: Associate, CRM Platforms
  • Works: GALE
  • Lives: Florida
Paola, mom of 2, originally from Honduras but lives in Florida, has over 10 years experience in Marketing Management but wanted more flexibility around family life, without impacting her salary. With lots of friends telling her about Salesforce Marketing Cloud, she looked into during the pandemic and couldn’t believe the possibilities it gave to marketers versus other limiting solutions.


Paola decided to upskill and launch her Salesforce career because… 

I’ve worked in marketing for over 10 years across multiple roles and sectors. Lots of friends were talking about Salesforce and Marketing Cloud and how “Marketing Cloud is hot”, ‘It’s the best selling solutions for email marketing” and “You should get into it!”


Paola decided to upskill in Marketing Cloud with Supermums because…

I was home schooling kids during Covid when i looked into it and i and started learning on my own, using Trailhead and YouTube. I found that despite having so much experience in general and email marketing, i needed a practise org to understand what i was learning (and couldn’t find one anywhere), and live teaching so i could ask questions.

I Googled the options and there wasn’t many – Salesforce was too expensive for me and other companies had limited background or experience that i could see online. Then i saw Supermums. I looked on LinkedIn and saw all of the graduates and trainees talking about the program or their success and it gave me the social proof that this was the right choice, plus it came with access to a real live org so i could practise as i’m learning.

I actually started with Supermums doing the Sales Cloud cert then i switched to Marketing Cloud after a few weeks as i knew that was where my passion was. I now have a knowledge of both Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud!


Paola was able to launch her Salesforce career successfully because…. 

I was worried at first – juggling working in a full time job and 2 kids, i thought how am i going to be able to attend live sessions and manage weekly homework?

My course trainer put me in touch with trainees who gave me advice on how to manage this learning. The best advice i received was ‘Schedule 1 hour a day to study / learn. Even if you don’t want to. You know that in 50 mins you’ll be done.’

Thanks to this, i was able to finish the course, do all of the homework tasks and I didn’t fall behind. I also managed to get 2 certs before the course was finished.

The best part of my learning journey was my cohort! We were all on the journey together, helping each other and troubleshooting together.


Paola has a successful & flexible career in Salesforce that offers her…  

I’m a CRM Associate at an Advertising Agency in New York. I needed the certifications to get the position. When i first joined, it was during a busy peak but i could keep up with the team despite it being fast paced….this is all down to the knowledge and skills i learnt with Supermums on their Marketing Cloud course.

Before i finished the course or was even certified, lots of recruiters were approaching me with job opportunities. I was specific about what i wanted and i’m lucky to work with such great minds and experienced marketers.

I have the flexibility i need as we all work from home. Other than team calls, the rest of our time is around deadlines which allows me to work around my kids.

If you’re thinking if this is right for you – the course is for everyone with an interest in Marketing. Whether you have the tech background or the marketing background, if you put in the grit, anyone can achieve success as there are so many roles within Marketing Cloud.

There is lots of growth opportunities too as it’s the fastest growing areas of Salesforce right now. Also, if you want a bump up in your salary, this gives you that!

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