Day in the Life: Gillian, how being made redundant opened new doors!

Salesforce can open doors to flexible and exciting careers across many different industries. Supermum Gillian, a member of our very first cohort of Supermums in 2016, shared her story about why she decided to embark on the Salesforce journey.


  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Technology
  • Job Title: Technical Lead
  • Works: Payonomy
  • Lives: London, England, United Kingdom
Gillian decided to upskill and launch her Salesforce career because.. 

Before joining the Supermums programme, I worked for IBM for 10 years, in a variety of roles, including Technical Pre-Sales, Digital Marketing and Training Enablement. I had 2 of my sons whilst I worked there, and I was fortunate enough to go back after maternity leave twice and have a part time role that worked for me. 

When I was pregnant with my third son, a voluntary redundancy programme came up. I was really enjoying my job, but it was indicated at the time that the role I was doing may not be around when I returned from maternity leave, so I took the redundancy package. 

I spent the next 18 months as a full-time mum, but after a while I got itchy feet and thought it might be time to get back into the marketplace – but wasn’t sure where to start!   

I stumbled across the Supermums programme on Facebook of all places. I had heard of Salesforce, and I knew that it was a CRM system, but not much more than that. I started doing some research and discovered that they were the biggest player at the time, so I decided that this might be a place that I’d be interested in finding out a bit more about. 


Gillian decided to upskill in Salesforce Admin Course with Supermums because..

The key selling point for me was that trainees also got a chance to work on real-life charity implementations. As I said, I had worked at IBM for a decade at that point, and I felt that a training course would probably get lost in my CV. But if I could work on live projects then hopefully it would get noticed in a job application. 

Gillian has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers her..  

 Before I even finished the programme, I had managed to secure a flexible role at an ISV partner called Payonomy (now Asperato) through the Supermums Recruitment Team. I started there as Technical Lead which was a great place to start out. I transitioned into a Customer Success Manager role in 2018 which really plays on a lot of my skills and am really enjoying the opportunities that Supermums opened up for me. 

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