Day in the Life: Darlene, i want to earn $95k working from home!

From Corporate HR to Salesforce Admin at a cloud-native cybersecurity solution company.....and all because she saw a video on TikTok showing the great salary and flexibility from upskilling in Salesforce!

Darlene's Story

  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: USA
  • Sector: Human Resource
  • Job Title: Salesforce Administrator I
  • Works: ExtraHop
  • Lives: Seattle, USA
While working in corporate HR, Darlene also did HRIS testing and enjoyed looking into the systems and was always asking departments how they could automate things to reduce errors with suggestions. When the pandemic hit, reflection on her current role and work-life balance alongside watching a TikTok video started her Salesforce journey and sent her life in a new direction.


Darlene decided to upskill and launch her Salesforce career because..  

I worked in corporate level HR onboarding and general advisor work. I also did HRIS testing on operations user side for app integrations. I was always poking around in the system, creating reports, and asking the department how we could automate things more or reduce errors with suggestions.  


However, low pay, high stress, bad benefits, no time with family…all the flags at full mast indicating the winds of change were needed and my life was ready to go in a new direction.  


I actually learned about Salesforce through a TikTok Video of an admin talking about their typical day of work. I watched it thinking that’s pretty much what I do at my job now in HR. Then she disclosed she makes $95,000 per year! It would take me a decade at my current career to earn that much, and without those culture perks to boot. Sign me up! 


Darlene decided to upskill in Salesforce Admin Course with Supermums because.. 


Some training programmes offered self-led study for the certification exam, while others required 10% of your first-year salary as payment. Hard pass.  


Supermums gives you deadlines, they give you a mentor to work through your builds with you, they have weekly lectures where you can ask questions, and the work experience they provide gives excellent boots-on-the-ground experience. All of those things will set you apart from the other types of programmes that are out there which are generally self-taught, and just focus on an exam but then you have no experience to speak of.  


The most useful part of the course was the CRM build. Trailhead is great but it puts everything into a super neat package where you’re not struggling too much to have it work, but the CRM System the Supermums had us build is really more like a real work environment, and it was really essential. 


Darlene was able to launch her new Salesforce career successfully because…. 


The Supermums course prepares you for a lot in terms of expectations set, resources available to ask questions, and ways to design things. 


I think the Salesforce career modules really helped me with understanding what kind of company and culture I wanted to work for, and what kind of personality I am. They were really helpful in understanding the scope of the type of workload you want to have and then being able to match that up into job descriptions as you were reading them. 


I got my role by applying my HR knowledge to the application process. I utilized information from our Supermums module.  


Darlene has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers her…  

I am an entry level Salesforce Administrator with ExtraHop, a Cyber Security company. My corporate office is located in Seattle, and I’m in Florida, so my role is 100% remote.   

My team is phenomenal, they are so understanding about work-life balance that I think I am dreaming sometimes. The managers protect the team from getting overloaded, there’s lots of laughs and work accomplished.  


Salesforce is an excellent opportunity to change your life. I finally feel like a respected professional earning income that my family truly is better off for. I make over double what I made before with really robust benefits and the life balance I’ve been looking for my entire career. 


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