Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

Marketing Cloud Consultant specialises in implementing the Marketing Cloud solution for customers. They will have Marketing Cloud Admin Skills but also have the additional Consultancy skills to gather requirements and manage the project life cycle of a Marketing Cloud implementation. They may work for a Salesforce Partner and implement Marketing Cloud for a range of customers or work as a contractor and get placed in-house to manage a Marketing Cloud Platform.

This person would, therefore, need to be able to engage with key stakeholders and understand the marketing needs, in order to translate into technical requirements.

Typical Responsibilities

These are the main responsibilities of being a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant and what job postings include. You can learn these through our Supermums programmes.

  • Conduct Business Analysis on Marketing Activities and Gather Requirements.
  • Stakeholder Management and Communication
  • Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Implement Marketing Performance Analytics
  • Project Management of Project and Stakeholders
  • Preparing Training Content and Delivering Training

Transferable Skills

You might not have all of the key skills required but your previous knowledge and experience are also what recruiters and companies are looking for.

Our Supermums Programme will support you with developing these skills that you don’t have or need to refresh.

  • Digital Marketing Skills and Experience
  • Marketing Analytics and Performance Analysis
  • Industry Knowledge and Experienced related to End Customer
  • HTML Coding Experience (optional)
  • Project Planning and Management Skills
  • Leadership, Management and Communication Skills

Salary Expectations

£37,000 – £81,000

UK Salary Expectations

$65,000 – $140,000

USA Salary Expectations

$100,000 – $130,000

AUS Salary Expectations

Typical Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Day


You are meeting with a Marketing team today to discuss their current marketing activities and so you recap over the questions you are asking in the Design Workshop.

Mid Morning

You deliver a demo of the Marketing Cloud functionality to the Customer’s marketing team so they understand the capabilities of the new product they are purchasing in readiness for the design workshop coming up.


You undertake the Design Workshop with the Marketing Team and produce process maps to document their customer journeys and points of contact assessing were these could be improved or enhanced with automation and Marketing Cloud technology.

Late Afternoon

You start documenting the requirements that have been discussed in the Design Workshop

End of Day

You are going to be building a complex automated journey using Journey Builder so you revisit the requirements and start putting your plan in place as to how this will be completed ready to get started in the morning.

Real Stories from our trainees

Case Study Natasha

Day in the life: Natasha from Marketer to Freelance Salesforce Consultant

Natasha first discovered Salesforce when she was a Freelance Marketer in London. Now she is freelance Salesforce Consultant based and Australia.

Case Study Nicola Gibba

Day in the life: Nicola Gibba, Salesforce Consultant

Nicola upskilled as a project manager to help non-profits implement Salesforce to manage volunteer projects

Take your Marketing Career to the next level with Supermums

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud role comprises of these three certifications, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email SpecialistSalesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant. Our programme will help you gain these vital certifications.

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