Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant

A Marketing Cloud Consultant will have a broad range of responsibilities depending on the size and focus of the Salesforce Partner that they work for; this can range from implementing of SFMC on multi-cloud projects, integrating with third-party platforms, or even projects that involve upskilling or training users.

The type of projects that a partner typically focuses will also determine what they look for in candidates for SFMC Consultant roles; for example, if a partner has a relatively small SFMC practice, and has someone who is very technical already working for them, then they will be interested in someone who has a more business-focused skillset.

This person would, therefore, need to be able to engage with key stakeholders and understand the business needs, in order to translate into technical requirements. Other consultancies that have a more technical need will be looking for candidates that have configuration experience, as well as experience of integrating with third-party platforms.

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£43,000 – £72,000
UK Salary Expectations
$75,000 – $114,000
USA Salary Expectations
$100,000 – $130,000
AUS Salary Expectations

Typical Responsibilities

These are the main responsibilities of being a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant and what job postings include. You can learn these through our Supermums programmes.

Understanding the business needs and gathering requirements

Stakeholder management

Implementing SFMC

Integrating SFMC with other platforms

Advising clients

Training and upskilling client-side users

Transferable Skills

You might not have all of the key skills required but your previous knowledge and experience are also what recruiters and companies are looking for.

Our Supermums Programme will support you with developing these skills that you don’t have or need to refresh.

Broad knowledge of different modules and functionalities within Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Strong communication skills, and ability to articulate yourself well

Background in marketing with previous knowledge or experience in digital marketing would be preferred but not essential

Some partners will also be looking for more technical skills too

Typical Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Day


You start by checking your campaign performance dashboard so that you can assess the priorities for the day ahead.You have a team meeting in 30 mins so you want to be able to communicate actions to focus on for the day.

Mid Morning

You have a discovery session with a Client to understand their business needs and requirements.It was a successful meeting and you will now write up your notes ready to prepare a demo and proposal.


You pull together the proposal document from your earlier call along with a demo of a customised solution ready to present back to the client at the next meeting.

Late Afternoon

You finish pulling together a training package for your Client.You are due to deliver the training next week.

End of Day

You are going to be building a complex automated journey using Journey Builder so you revisit the requirements and start putting your plan in place as to how this will be completed ready to get started in the morning.

Real stories from our trainees


Natasha first discovered Salesforce when she was a Freelance Marketer in London. Now she is freelance Salesforce Consultant based and living in Australia with her husband and three children.

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Nicola developed her career specialising in Volunteering Programmes, when she decided to upskill in Salesforce Administration and Consultancy to help non-profits implement Salesforce.

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