Day in the life: Nicola Gibba, Salesforce Consultant

Nicola upskilled as a project manager to help non-profits implement Salesforce to manage volunteer projects


  • Course: Salesforce Admin Course
  • Region: EMEA
  • Sector: Charitable Organisations
  • Job Title: Salesforce Project Manager
  • Works: Lattitude Global Volunteering
  • Lives: Dover, England, United Kingdom
Nicola decided to accelerate her Salesforce career because..

When I first started working for Latitude, we ran a volunteer program that used Salesforce, and that was my first introduction to it. It was an eye-opener for me because I realised just how much more efficiently you could run a program when you have Salesforce, especially as I was managing a team of six people. I’d never had anything to help me to report previously.


I went on maternity leave, and I was looking for opportunities to retrain. I loved what I was doing, but I wanted a more flexible career now that I was going to have a baby.

I found the Supermums Admin Course online, and it was incredibly interesting for me as I understood Salesforce from an end user perspective but didn’t have any knowledge of how to set it up.


Nicola decided to upskill in Salesforce Admin Course and the Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course with Supermums because..


The way the Admin course is set up, you have your webinar where you learn how to do something, like create an object or a field, and then you have a case study which you do for a theoretical business. Finally, you do your work experience, and you build on that again because it’s real life. You do feel pressure to do a good job for the charity but of course you can’t really go wrong as you are supported by an experienced Project Manager.


Following the completion of the Admin Course and my return to work as a Salesforce Project Manager, I realised there were a lot of things I still needed to learn, like how to gather requirements professionally, and how to map out projects properly. As soon as I heard about

the Supermums Consultancy course, I knew I wanted to do it, and it’s definitely living up to expectations.


The best thing about the Consultancy course so far is the quality of the information; I wish I knew it all before I started my own Salesforce implementation! The format of the course is working well for me because it’s all videos which I watch when I have spare time.


Nicola was able to accelerate her new Salesforce career successfully because….

My work experience project was for a non-profit who wanted to use Salesforce to manage their volunteering program, which was completely aligned with what I’ve been doing my whole career. You have a light bulb moment of ‘I get it now; I can see how Salesforce would work for a non- profit’.


My project manager wrote a reference letter for me on completion of the project, and I was able to speak about the success of the project when I was trying to convince my CEO to let me build the Salesforce org for Lattitude. That definitely helped me to sell myself.


I don’t feel like I’ve changed career doing this, I feel like I’ve just built on my career that was already there. I loved working on volunteer programs and I just wanted a way to be able to do that better, and to have a more flexible career. That’s what Salesforce provides you with, because all you need is your laptop and Wi-Fi, and you can work.


Nicola has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers them..

I work for Latitude, an international youth development charity, which is where I’ve worked for 5 years. After I completed the Supermums Admin course and returned to work following maternity leave, I became their Salesforce Project Manager.

I work full-time remotely from home. I have no set hours which is wonderful, as I can organise my hours around childcare, and it also works for Lattitude as I am happy to have meetings with colleagues around the world at 7am or 9pm depending on time zones.

I really love working flexibly, I think it’s brilliant. I’ve got this dream that I’m going to travel the world at some point as a Salesforce Consultant; all I need is my laptop and Wi-Fi and I can work. I just love Salesforce. I really love my job!

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