Day in the life: Natasha from Marketer to Freelance Salesforce Consultant

Natasha first discovered Salesforce when she was a Freelance Marketer in London. Now she is freelance Salesforce Consultant based and Australia.


  • Course: Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course
  • Region: APAC
  • Sector: Marketing
  • Job Title: Marketing Manager and System Administrator
  • Lives: Geelong
Natasha decided to upskill and accelerate her Salesforce career because.. 

I started my career building websites and other digital platforms for charities and government agencies in New Zealand and Australia. After we moved to London, I started looking for a more flexible career and made the decision to switch to freelancing. I settled into digital marketing and database work for the health and non-profit sectors before the birth of my daughter in 2006, and got into Salesforce almost by chance. I took on a project manager role for an implementation, working with an agency to set up the system, and I went on from there to help introduce and improve Salesforce databases for my other clients.  


When I moved from London to Australia in 2015, I started to increasingly work in Salesforce systems; however, being in a regional town and being mum to three children, I struggled to get to any Salesforce events. I came across Supermums when I was searching Facebook for Salesforce communities that I could participate in remotely.  


I was thrilled when I heard that a Supermums Consultancy Course was available. I had been working with three organisations regularly on their Salesforce implementations and have just started working with another four non-profit clients.  I felt this was the year to expand my freelance work.    


Natasha decided to upskill in Salesforce Consultancy Skills Course with Supermums because.. 

The Salesforce Consultancy Programme has given me a greater knowledge of the theory that backs up a consultancy practice – from agile methodology to change management – but also practical terminology, documentation, and processes to use, especially in the early days of working with these new clients. It’s the next step beyond the technical skills that you can achieve on a Salesforce certification course or Trailhead – it focuses on the skills you need to work with others to make a project happen.  


It’s been invaluable for me in terms of looking back on what I’ve done in the previous year, or even currently, when it comes to training my colleagues in Salesforce and thinking about their different learning styles. 


Natasha was able to accelerate her Salesforce career successfully because…. 

The Supermums Consultancy Skills course gave us a huge amount of theory but also protocol documents and processes you can use during your consultancy work. Apart from that, the PowerPoint presentations I built for the video assessments on each module have given me a really structured way of approaching initial client meetings, talking about agile project management and the design process of Salesforce. 


My work in the charity sector spanning a decade really helps me with my current freelance work. It has given me an understanding of what these clients want to achieve, allowing me create a Salesforce solution that helps meet their goals.   


Natasha has now successfully achieved a Salesforce career that offers her..  

I’m a marketing manager at a research and training institution two-days a week, and I’ve implemented Salesforce for them. My Salesforce Consultancy skills combined with my marketing skills allows me to help charities with both their business functions as well as their Salesforce database. I’m really enjoying it.  


Around that, I have my own freelance consultancy, working with not-for-profits who are using or introducing Salesforce. It is very flexible and is often done once the children are asleep in the evenings, or when my toddler is napping during the middle of the day.  Working for myself gives me a lot of freedom and flexibility, but it also means that I need to be constantly learning and connecting with others so that I can overcome the challenges that arise.  


There’s so much you can do with Salesforce; there’s so many different paths you can take depending on your interests: marketing, sales, admin, developing. It’s a really great career as a parent in terms of being able to be flexible and adaptable to and around your children’s needs. 


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