Supermums Salesforce Mini Training Courses

Expand your knowledge and career opportunities with our tailored mini courses.

Why Supermums Can Help You

Since 2016, Supermums have helped over 400+ trainees whether they were starting out in their Salesforce careers or looking for that next step on their journey by learning, upskilling or retraining with Salesforce Admin, Marketing Cloud and Consultancy Skills.

We launched these mini courses due to demand as we are frequently asked about how to learn more about the Nonprofit sector, Salesforce Nonprofit cloud and the skills that employers are looking for. We have also included a masterclass that provides you with practical advice to help you boost and carve out a successful career in the Salesforce ecosystem.

These are both on-demand, bite-sized and as with all of our courses, they are fully virtual so you can access them anytime, anywhere. They’re flexible around family life or other commitments.  If you want to know about the other courses we offer, visit our training home page for more details.

Find out more about the Salesforce Mini Training Courses we offer :

Nonprofit Mini Course

Get yourself the skills that employers are looking for & help empower nonprofits to meet their mission with Salesforce.

Boost Your Salesforce Career Mini Course

This is an in-depth masterclass with practical advice to coach you to help carve out a Salesforce Career that can give you the opportunity to earn £5k/$12k a month. 

Meet your coach, Heather Black

Meet one of our Supermums, Silvia

Hear how our digital training platform helped her upskill and get back to work on her terms!

Expand your knowledge and career opportunities with our tailored mini courses.

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