20 Risks to avoid on a Salesforce Project


Plan ahead, prepare your client and avoid the risks, check out Heather’s top tips below.

For a Salesforce Consultant there is nothing worse than…

  • Implementing a Salesforce system which is not adopted
  • Having a project that goes beyond the go live date
  • Working with a client team who do not have the time and capacity to deal with a new system
  • Having mis-aligned expectations about how the project is going to run.

Instead, you want to do everything you can to mitigate these risks, which is why I developed a risk register when working with my clients. On my Consultancy Skills Course I provide a wide range of templates, tools, and scripts to help you get set up for success. Having overseen over 700 projects I have built up quite a list of common risks from seeing Salesforce projects go wonky.

I now think that one of the most important elements of any project is educating a client about all the risks upfront and helping them to mitigate the risks where possible. We want the client to feel prepared for implementing and managing a CRM long-term. Quite often they have not participated in a CRM implementation before, so they do not know the risks. It is therefore hard for them to put together their own risk register and so it is much easier if we give them a template to complete with risks, impacts and mitigation strategies so they can understand, assess, act, and rank the risks accordingly.

To help my clients I put together a comprehensive 20+ point Risk Register that I encourage clients to complete…Here is a quick summary of the risks below.

  1. Have they appointed an Internal Project Manager at the client?
  2. Have they identified an Internal Salesforce Admin(s) at the start of the project?
  3. Is the Salesforce Admin going to be equipped with adequate training?
  4. Is there enthused Salesforce Champions appointed per department/team?
  5. Is there commitment and buy-in to completing Salesforce trailheads?
  6. Is their buy-in to the Train the Trainer approach with champions?
  7. Do they have resource appointed to manage data cleansing?
  8. What is the level of Salesforce experience amongst client stakeholders?
  9. What is the capacity of staff to evaluate their processes and business needs in readiness for the design process?
  10. Do they have suitable Wi-Fi and IT hardware to access Salesforce CRM?
  11. Is the organisation ready for change and are employees bought in?
  12. Is there any evidence of concern or negative resistance to a new CRM?
  13. Is there a lack of clarity or alignment with Agile Project Management?
  14. Is there lack of clarity on tangible business goals and benefits of the CRM implementation?
  15. Is there lack of clarity on the roles and responsibilities of an Executive Sponsor?
  16. Could decision making take longer than usual due to remote planning and team working?
  17. Is there a risk that project tasks that be delayed that could impact timelines?
  18. How complex is the technical solution and are there risks in the unknown/decisions/resources?
  19. Is there adequate resource/budget to manage the CRM post implementation?
  20. Has this risk register been completed and understood by the client?

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