What is Marketing Cloud and is it right for me?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is aimed at marketing professional who are looking to gain a better understanding of customers by giving them the ability to speak to customers with the right message, in the right tone, at the right time.

This platform has so many possibilities, all targeted around the world of marketing with the objective of putting the customer at the centre of every interaction and experience. Trying to manage how and when a customer interacts with a brand can be complicated just by using traditional methods but Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you tailor make content for customers across multiple channels such as email, online, mobile, e-commerce, social and communities, and report back in real time.

Not only do you get access to Marketing Cloud but also the power of the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce. Just some of the benefits included in Marketing Cloud are:

  • Journey Builder: this is used to create customised customer journeys through multiple channels
  • Email Studio: performs customised e-marketing campaigns
  • Social Studio: create customised social campaigns and turn followers into potential leads
  • Mobile Studio: enables marketing interactions via SMS, push notifications and group messaging
  • Audience Studio: this fulfils the “social listening” goal in order to enable the creation of content that is more appealing to your audience.
  • Advertising Studio: digital advertising, manage acquisitions, retargeting and alignment campaigns
  • Datorama: track ROI and growth
  • Interaction Studio: visualise customers’ experience in real time and connect with them through any interaction
  • Data Studio: increase revenue using valuable data
  • Google Analytics 360: gain insights from customers to understand them better and obtain more from marketing actions
  • Pardot: aimed at B2B, Pardot makes marketing automation easier to empower sales teams when closing deals and creating meaningful connections.

Marketing Cloud FAQ’s

So now you understand more about what Marketing Cloud is and how it can enable you as a marketer. How can you become a Marketing Cloud expert? What course/s should you take? Why should you study with Supermums to help you achieve these goals and what are the benefits of our Marketing Could courses over others available?

We’ve pulled together the most FAQ’s we get asked:

It seems a niche qualification. What types of companies use marketing cloud and how big is the market?

Marketing Cloud is a fast growing product and more and more companies are harnessing it’s potential to create engaging customer journeys that lead to sales and brand loyalty.

Now more then ever when our lives are lived online, tracking consumer trends and responding with tailored and timely content enables companies to reach customers in new ways.

Some of the big names that use the product include Adidas, Unilever, Michelin, Philips, Ticketmaster, Kellogs, Eurostar…to name a few!

Read about how they use the products here:

‘Over 30% of marketing budgets are being spent on marketing technology but 45% of companies lack the skills to capitalise on their tech!’

Source: chiefmartec.com

What kind of roles can i go for once certified?

There are a number of types of roles you can go for depending on your previous skills, experience and they type work you are looking for. Marketing Cloud roles are available both in house and at consultancies, working for a variety of clients. Some roles will combine opportunities to build journeys and use your creativity, others will be far more technical or data driven.

Some job titles for Marketing Cloud professionals include:

– Digital Marketing Manager
– Marketing Operations
– Marketing Cloud Consultant
– Marketing Automation Specialist
– Marketing Cloud Product Owner
– Marketing Cloud Analyst
– Marketing Cloud Developer
– Marketing Cloud Architect
– Marketing Data Analyst

The list goes on – get more insight into what working with Marketing Cloud is like with our Marketing Cloud Career Jam video.

I’m interested in a starting a career with Salesforce, but should i take the Marketing Cloud Course or the Salesforce Administrator Course? Do you need both?

Got marketing experience? You can jump straight into Marketing Cloud – you don’t need other Admin certifications to do so. Marketing Cloud can be used in conjunction with CRM’s other than Salesforce, so the variety of roles available is broad. Also, if you have other marketing experience, specialising with this product means you’ll be able to leverage your existing skills and experience with specialist knowledge – making you a valuable resource.

If you like, you can go on to get certifications in other products too – most Salesforce Consultants will have several, so as you build your career you can go on to study other areas if you feel it is right for you. The content covered in our Marketing Cloud Course regarding Marketing Cloud Administration will also be very beneficial if you do decide to take the standard Salesforce Administrator exam as much of it is transferrable.

Why is the Supermums Marketing Cloud course 14 weeks when others are shorter?

Our course is designed to fully prepare you for the world of marketing automation! We teach the content step by step with practical assignments along the way to help you cement your understanding. We cover a lot of content that is usually split across several other courses. By the end of our course you’ll be ready to achieve your E-mail Specialist Certification and go for the Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification too. As well as this, thanks to our Partnership with Trailhead Academy we also get you two weeks ‘Trail Org’ access to complete a ‘capstone project’ – giving you the opportunity to put your learning to the test in a demo environment. Read more about why our course is different.

Towards the end of the course we also run exam preparation sessions to make sure you’re ready to succeed and get certified!

What should i do next?

If you are a marketing professional and you want to take a training course in Marketing Cloud, Supermums is the ideal programme because we are not only official partners of Salesforce but our course content is approved by Trailhead Academy. Supermums was also created to help mums and dads get back into work after a career break so our courses are fully virtual, all sessions are recorded so you can watch them back if you aren’t able to join the live sessions and we design our timetables around school holidays.

Find more about our Marketing Cloud course by clicking here and we can help you on your journey to become a professional marketing cloud expert.

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