S2, E14 – Create your career goals for 2021

Series 2
Epsiode 14
21 Mins

In this weeks episode, Heather does a wrap up of Series 2 with an episode on how to improve your confidence to change career, or indeed advance your career, choosing to pursue a promotion or change career. Upskilling in a brand new discipline is a tough decision. As a mum, it can be really daunting and we can put up lots of barriers to even entertaining the idea. Heather talks about the three C’s. Connection, Competence and Choice. Look at how these three C’s can help you develop your confidence to move forward as well as give you a framework to think through. By the end of this episode, Heather’s wish is that you go ahead and make a plan of action and your career goals for 2021.

Episode Highlights

  • {2:53} Introduction to the 3 C’s
  • {4:45} Connection
  • {8:38} Competence
  • {13:27} Choice

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