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Graduating class of 2019 with thier certificates

What happens on the call?

  • We allow about half an hour per call, you can book an again anytime if needed though!
  • Tell us about yourself – what’s go you to this point? What change are you looking to make?
  • Share your skills and experience – share a bit about you so we can advise on the best Salesforce path for you
  • Bring your questions – our team is here to help – ask us anything. It’s useful if you have read the relevant course pack beforehand.
  • After the call you’ll receive a follow up email with course details and follow up resources to explore and next steps to take should you wish to join us.

Why book a call?

We’re a social business an a mission to help more parents into great, flexible, resilient careers with Salesforce. We want you to make the right decision, for you, at the right time. We want those on our programme to be successful in achieving their goals, so it has to be a good ‘fit’ for everyone. We’re here to make sure you’ve got all the facts and have a good understand of what joining the programme entails so that you can make your decision with confidence.

Most of our team has participated in at least one of our programme previously, so they’ve been where you are right now. They can speak from personal experience and share all the insights they have gained from working & making connections in the industry since.

Our programmes are global and we have a global team that you can speak to. You can speak to anyone who has a time available that works for you.

What our Supermums have to say

Find out if Supermums is a good fit

By booking a call you will find out:

Speak with one of the team, the goal of a call is to ensure you can make a fully informed decision.

Abigail Julian Marketing and Partnerships

Abigail Julian

Customer Success Manager

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