Don’t under sell yourself in a Salesforce Career

Just because you’ve had a baby, want to work part time, or transition career it doesn’t mean you have to start in the junior ranks in a new job role. Some people seem to automatically assume that you need to start your career as a Salesforce administrator which attracts the lower salary bracket, but that’s just not the case at all!

Throughout my career as a Salesforce Consultant i’ve met many Project Directors, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Sales professionals without any salesforce technical experience, working on salesforce projects. This however has always been a weakness in a project; so if you have relevant professional experience and aspire to become a technology project lead, project manager or Business analyst then a Salesforce admin cert is going to put you head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates and it can add another £5-10k onto your starting salary.

If you are transitioning roles, then aim for a role that aligns to your previous experience and skills, to complement your new salesforce knowledge so you can step into a more senior role. Think about :

  • Industry Experience – Salesforce target industry verticals – align yourself to a Salesforce Customer or Consultancy that works in the industry sector you have most knowledge about and explain how you understand the relevant processes and KPI’s that are so relevant to a salesforce implementation.
  • Professionals Skills – Have you been a Director, Project Manager or Business Analyst in another capacity – talk about these transferral skills
  • Soft Skills – Share your experience in communication, facilitation, presentation, sales, team management, leadership, skills etc – these are hugely relevant skills when you are supporting teams or people through change.
  • Bridge the Gap – If you have had time out to look after kids, it’s not a gap, it’s just a different type of job. Be proud of the skills you have acquired whilst managing home and kids.

At Supermums we give you the tools and techniques to develop your profile and CV so you can pitch yourself well.

To give you a dose of inspiration here are some inspiring stories for the week:

Listen to my interview with Anna Bancroft on my Podcast Show – she got offered and promoted to Managing Director of the Accenture Salesforce Practice after maternity leave. She works part-time, has lean’t on support available and actively works to support gender equality in the workplace as a female director at Accenture. Tune in here.

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We are proud to celebrate Supermum Alumni who have stepped into roles beyond a Salesforce admin beyond their retraining.

  • Gillian now works as Head of Customer Success at Asperato
  • Lucy stepped into Salesforce Project Management – URL
  • Simon secured a job as Salesforce System Manager
  • David became a domain expert as a Solutions Consultant

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