5 Ways to Find a Salesforce Job

By Heather Black

April 22, 2024
6 min read

Wondering how to find a Salesforce Job? Then check out our 5 top recommendations, whether it’s your first, or next Salesforce job!

These avenues go beyond just looking at job ad boards and applying for jobs cold. If you want to get your CV noticed and at the front of the queue you have to go the extra mile.

We have over 20+ years of experience helping people into employment, and we’ve seen what steps lead to success.

At Supermums, we prepare people for the job market and provide a whole package of support. Alongside delivering Authorised Salesforce Training with Certified Instructors, you also get work experience, references, mentoring, career coaching, and recruitment support for students on our Salesforce Admin Course. We want to set people up for success.

5 Ways to Find a Salesforce Job

1. Build your Network

Connect and introduce yourself to other people working in the Salesforce Community. Give yourself a target e.g.  50 new people a week and focus on certain industries or job roles that are you interested in working within. Ask to have a virtual coffee or ask if they have any job openings. Don’t be shy.  At Supermums, we recommend that our students connect with all of our Alumni who now work in a variety of roles globally.

2. LinkedIn Profile

Maximise your LinkedIn Profile to show you are open to work.  Shows your transferrable skills, industry experience, salesforce training, relevant work experience, certifications, credentials, and references. At Supermums, you can benefit from 3 x references from the trainer, mentor, and work experience partner. Share your achievements and tag your respective partners and supporters so they can like and comment to maximize exposure for you. Our Supermums Alumni have had multiple approaches, interviews, and job offers just through building their presence on LinkedIn. Check out our ‘How to maximise your profile on LinkedIn profile and get noticed’ video on YouTube.

3. Direct Approach

Get involved in attending Salesforce events virtually or in person and follow companies and people who share your values and appeal to you. Directly approach the speakers, attendees, or influencers via social media and present your CV /Resume and a tailored cover letter to them to introduce yourself.

4. Focus on your Niche

Identify end customers,  consultancies, or ISV’s that align with your industry background and sell yourself in based on your industry experience with Salesforce skills to boot. Employers like people who can speak the lingo, and understand the culture, KPI’s and processes of the target industry. Upskill in Consultancy Skills with the Supermums Course, focus on being a specialist and learn niche Salesforce products that build on the industry niche e.g. Marketing Cloud, CRM Analytics, CPQ, FSL, Mulesoft, Commerce Cloud etc.

5. Work with Recruitment Agencies

If you struggle to sell yourself well, then think about working with a Recruitment Consultant who will represent you. A recruiter will know exactly what a company is looking for so they can help you to prepare your CV and for the interview so you can put your best foot forward. It can be great having someone to support you, as they want you to win the job. Register with the Supermums Recruitment team today

Here is the proof…

Fermisk Case Study

 “I got an interview straight away and landed the role, all within 8 months from start to finish. The Supermums recruitment team help you from A to Z; from updating your CV, your Linkedin profile, your interview skills –  and they give you interview questions to help you every step of the way. With Supermums, you get the full package. You get the training, you get the work experience, and then at the end you even have a recruitment team to find a job for you! Supermums is the perfect way to launch a new career as they really do help you in every step of launching your new career.” Read Fermisk’s Story

I didn’t know anything about Salesforce or Marketing Cloud before, but it built upon my 20-year career. So many of my skills were transferable, from project management to marketing, design thinking, sales, and customer success. Marketing Cloud and Salesforce core products are so intricate, but you can learn the pieces that work with your background, and there’s room for everyone to learn and grow. The added benefits of the course included Salesforce specific resume and LinkedIn coaching which were really instrumental for me. I had three job offers before the end of the Marketing Cloud course because I had that coaching on how to position myself, so people were automatically reaching out to me on LinkedIn wanting to recruit me which was really exciting. ” Read Bridget’s Story

” After I earned my admin certification, I found it challenging to find my first position in the Salesforce ecosystem as I didn’t have any experience in it. I met Supermums at a Salesforce Trailhead career day and it was exactly what I needed being a mother entering the Salesforce world, so I joined the Consultancy Skills Course. One of the other Supermums who had started maybe a few months before me got a job in a company called Liberty IT Solutions. They were actually based on the East Coast and I’m on the West Coast, but they were very open to remote work, so she referred me, and I interviewed with them and was hired. I started working beginning of March this year.” Read Seema’s Story

Launching your Salesforce Career with Supermums

To land a job in today’s market, it’s important that you go beyond just getting an Admin Cert. You will need to have completed reputable training, completed 2 x certifications, undertaken work experience, and secured references to verify your skills.

Supermums is an Authorised Salesforce Training Provider with Certified Instructors, and we also give you access to work experience, references, mentoring, career coaching, and recruitment support on our Salesforce Admin Course. If you want to land a Salesforce job, then start your journey with us.

If you want to join our next Salesforce Admin Course, visit our training page for more details and to save your seat.


Written By:

Heather Black
Heather is the founder of Supermums Recruitment and Training. With an extensive background in Salesforce Consultancy, Career Coaching and Training she is passionate about empowering people with the right skills, attributes and knowledge to be successful in their career.

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