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Accelerate your Salesforce Career Coaching Programme

Benefit from coaching tools and techniques to thrive and boost your own confidence and skills professionally and personally with Heather Black, your Salesforce Career Coach.

At Supermums we love to empower people to thrive as a Salesforce professional. We achieve this through equipping them with coaching tools and techniques to help achieve their full potential. Our coaching programme is available to any Salesforce professional.

Alongside coaching tools, we also share and equip you with key employability skills to use when presenting or pitching in the workplace including how to deliver a demo, prepare a proposal, present powerfully amongst other aspects.

Join us to take practical steps towards your end goal, whether it’s feeling more confident, boosting your communication skills, securing your new job, raising your profile, achieving your promotion or successfully managing and motivating people on a project, plus more.

Course Cost

£360.00 (INC VAT)


12 month programme

Course Dates

Jan, March, June, September or upon application



Award Winning Industry Recognition

Salesforce also nominated Supermums and Heather for a number of other awards to celebrate our work in the sector.

Join the Coaching Programme if you are:

Coaching Tools & Techniques Guide

Within this free download we share some of our favourite coaching tools and techniques that we teach on the Supermums Coaching Course to empower salesforce professionals personally as well as in their projects. 

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Your Salesforce Career Coaches

Heather Black, is the founder and CEO of Supermums and the ultimate ‘Salesforce Coach’. She has been coaching people to accelerate their career and business since 2006 as a qualified as a Coach and NLP practitioner. She ran a coaching company for 6 years with 20 coaches supporting over 10,000 people. She used Salesforce CRM to manage her coaching company and this kickstarted her Salesforce career in 2010. She decided to train as as a Salesforce Consultant in 2011 and ran a UK Salesforce Consultancy for nine years. With Supermums she leads the recruitment and training company and actively delivers the Consultancy Skills Programme and Coaching Programme.

Zoe Lynds, is the Operational Director of Supermums. With 20 years experience in HR and Recruitment, she has years of experience managing and coaching individuals and is a certified NLP practitioner.

We are also supported by other members of our team with coaching certifications.

Our Coaching Programme includes...

Virtual Training

Learn Coaching Tools and techniques skills from our founder, Heather and our team of coaches, with 12 months access to virtual training resources. These sessions are delivered live during our fortnightly coaching sessions and then available on-demand. 

Bi-Weekly Coaching

Every two weeks we will run a live coaching session led by Heather and her team to coach and support you to success. These are at Friday 12pm BST (6am CDT/9pm AEST) and Monday 9pm BST time (3pm CDT/6am AEST).


Learn, share and grow with other salesforce professionals through both our online communities and in person events. Join our Supermums Facebook Group to get motivated and engaged in weekly activities.


We will give you workbooks to get practical on exercises and encourage you to think through and apply the learning to move forward. We don’t want to leave a stone unturned.

Employment Readiness

Learn how to prepare and pitch yourself at interviews as an employee or independent contractor. Understand how prepare your CV or a proposal to secure your next job.


Tap into our recruitment team to review your CV, prepare you for interview and let you know about potential roles.


Complete the 12 month training modules and achieve a Coaching Skills Certification to showcase your skills on your CV and Linked in Profile.


We will set you relevant themes to think about and reflect on with regular emails, blogs, podcasts, webinars and Q&A’s in the facebook community with relevant stories.

Supermums is championed by Salesforce

Heather, the founder of Supermums is recognised as a trailblazer and was awarded a coveted Golden Hoodie from Salesforce for her work supporting mums globally. Salesforce created this Trailblazer video to showcase the work of Supermums and invited her to speak in-front of 10,000 people at Salesforce World Tour. Supermums is now renowned in the Salesforce eco-system and has attracted volunteers and employers worldwide. Supermums is a registered Salesforce Consultancy Partner.

Real Stories from our Trainees

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching tools and techniques help to unlock a person’s potential and maximise their performance by identifying and working towards personal and professional goals. We embed NLP techniques into our coaching to help you make real shifts in your own mindset as well as understanding the human experience. NLP stands for three most influential components in our lives: neurology, language and programming. The neurological system regulates how our bodies function, language determines how we interface and communicate with other people and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create. Uniquely we also combine this with expert Salesforce knowledge, to help you understand how you can thrive in the ecosystem. We’ll help you set your career goals and take practical steps towards achieving them.

Coaching is a set of powerful tools and techniques which can help you accelerate your success towards a positive end goal. It can help you personally, but also you can apply this knowledge when working on Salesforce projects. Our coaching will help you:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Change negative behaviors and patterns
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Get clear on your own unique selling points
  • Get equipped with the soft skills and attributes to be successful
  • Create a clear success plan with achievable goals
  • Improve your communication style
  • Understand your own learning style

Coaching is a powerful tool that every Salesforce professional should have in their toolkit not only for their own development but to deploy on projects they work on to maximise user adoption.

  • Understand emotional intelligence and how it impacts teams.
  • Understand how to motivate people
  • Understand how to engage people
  • Help your clients to get clear on their goals
  • Influence and generate buy-in to achieve success
  • Improve your methods of communication
  • Understand different learning styles
  • Maximise user buy-in and adoption

We are a specialist career coaching programme for individuals within the Salesforce eco-system. We understand the industry you are working in – because we are part of the ‘Salesforce Ohana’.  We can therefore give you very detailed and pointed tips and advice on how to build your career and work towards your goals in Salesforce.  

Learning Salesforce technical skills isn’t the only key to success, you have to believe in your own potential, understand your own strengths and where you can apply them to achieve your potential.

Coaching can add value to your life personally and professionally. On our course you’ll not only feel the benefit of coaching on your own success, but learn how you can apply it’s theories and practises to your Salesforce projects. 

Yes, this coaching programme is automatically included for people on our Admin, Marketing and Consultancy Skills courses  or volunteering as a Mentor for Supermums.

Yes you can join the virtual sessions at two different time slots, to suit your time zone. Watch replays and on-demand recordings whenever suits you.

No, this is a group coaching programme.  We do frequently offer ‘hot seat’ sessions during group calls where you can share your story and get tips and advice from our coaches, but also the community of peers in your coaching group. If you don’t want to share, that’s fine – you’ll learn and draw on the experiences of others. We’ve found this to be a really successful model that makes coaching affordable and useful.   We can provide access to one to one coaching through our contacts if you desire.

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Benefit from coaching tools and techniques to thrive and boost your own confidence and skills professionally and personally with Heather Black, your Salesforce Career Coach.

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