Which Salesforce job suits you?

Over the next four months we are going to help you explore your potential so you can lay your path for the year ahead. When considering your career options it’s important to consider:

  • Your own strengths and preferences
  • The different job roles and what they offer
  • Essential skills that you boost your potential in any role

With weekly email tips, a new #MumsonCloudNine podcast series with guest speakers and inspirational case studies, you will get an inside look into different ways you can shape your future.

You can also check out the new Career Options section of our website.

I kickstart the series off with a reflection exercise for you called Personality Mapping. It’s a tool we shared in our recent Accelerate your Salesforce Career Coaching course to help trainees understand themselves better and their potential blockages to achieving their career path. Check it out in my latest podcast episode.

Listen to the first episode of Series 2 on the Mums on Cloud Nine Podcast to reflect on your own strengths and preferences based on past experiences. It will help you to define which job role may best suit you. Tune in here.

Mums on Cloud Nine is sponsored by RB, in partnership with Enfa.

Look out for our next Day in the Life case study and get inspired with their story, where they are now and advice on how you too can achieve the career you want with Salesforce.

Are you looking for your next role or are you an employer trying to find your perfect candidate? We can help you!

Check out the courses we offer, sign up for our recruitment service or speak to us about hiring talent. 

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