Which cloud lights you up?

Salesforce offers a whole suite of products that really allows professionals to transition and build a new career in tech based on their past experience.

You may already be an expert in a process, KPIs and information but on top of this you can harness the power of tech to achieve amazing outcomes, e.g.

  • Sales professionals have become an expert in Sales Cloud
  • Customer Service professionals have become an expert in Service Cloud and Community Cloud
  • Fundraising managers become an expert in the Non Profit Cloud
  • Education professionals become an expert in Education Cloud
  • Finance professionals have become an expert in Financial Cloud or Financial Force
  • Marketing people become an expert in Pardot or Marketing Cloud

………the list goes on!!

Different clouds will excite different people!

This week we asked Rosie Anderson, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Practice Lead at Accenture why she loves Marketing Cloud, and here was her response.

“After falling in love with Marketing Cloud as a marketeer, I decided I wanted to consult and advise other customers on it’s potential. Marketing Cloud transformed the marketing outcomes for my organisation and i couldn’t help but sell it to other people. I now lead a consultancy practice with a team of 35 consultants in the UK.

Here are my 6 reasons of why I love Marketing Cloud:

  1. The technology transforms a business and makes a marketers life easier
  2. It elevates a marketer to be doing more strategic work
  3. It has an easy to understand UI
  4. It allows for automations to push ROI through the roof
  5. It enables omni-channel journeys allowing customers to be contacted in their channel of choice
  6. It provides new releases every quarter bringing new in demand functionality

Plus… As a former marketer now technologist I’m kind of biased, but it’s by far the coolest cloud!”

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Ever wondered how you start your journey in Salesforce? Watch Pip’s day in the life video and found out she discovered her niche with the non for profit cloud. 

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