How to use Twitter – A Guide for Salesforce Professionals 

By Jennifer Wood

July 18, 2022
4 min read

Did you know – Twitter is one of the favourite social media platforms for Salesforce Professionals. But how do you know where to start or how to get involved in the community?

In our latest podcast episode, we interviewed Samantha Kelly or otherwise known as the Tweeting Goddess. We asked Sam to give us her top 10 tips on how to get started on Twitter as a Salesforce Professional to build your personal brand, influence and presence on social media. 

Twitter Fun Facts:

  • Twitter turned 16 in March this year
  • Over 500 million tweets are sent per day
  • The average person has 707 followers
  • Twitter shines brightest if you are in Customer Services (or in the Salesforce ecosystem)
  • Twitter is expected to grow past 329 million users in 2022

Sam’s Top 10 Tips for getting the most out of Twitter:

1 – Fill in Your Bio

Make it approachable but put your stamp if authority. Make sure you have a nice headshot included.

2 – Follow People that Interest You

Start to follow people in the Salesforce World and show interest by retweeting their posts with a thoughtful comment – a great place to start is to follow key influencers such as Salesforce MVPs – check out the list here , follower podcasters in the space or search for profiles with salesforce in their bio. It’s likely they will follow you back if you are start to engage with them. 

3 – Create an Influencer List

You can create a Salesforce Twitter List and start to add these Salesforce influencers into a list so you know where to find them again. 

4 – Ask a question

They don’t have to be business related either! Human questions are best. Quite often others want to know the same thing, and people will comment or DM you. 

5 – Conduct a Poll

Everyone likes to have their say and a poll is a great way to engage with followers. I do Twitter polls when I am writing an article so I ask a question so that I can include the results of the poll in the article. 

6 – Engage with your Followers

I go to my Twitter lists and I see how I can help people on the list. e.g. If I see someone asking a question I Retweet it and give my response to encourage others to reply. This makes the person feel good and they will thank me and a conversation will normally follow.

7 – Share Something New

What is your area of expertise? Can you teach us something that we don’t know? Is there new data around what you do? Share it in a tweet. Show that you are the ‘Go To’ expert. People go to Twitter to get the latest news as it happens and they also go there to learn and build relationships. Twitter is about building relationships and building your ‘Know, Like and Trust factor. Stand out and by sharing your knowledge. 

8 – Use Images and Video

Images stand out more on the twitter feed. As humans we are a bit nosey! So show us what a day in a life looks like.

9 – Help Someone Else

The tweets I do that get the most engagement are when I talk about how great someone else is or I give a business a shout out. Helping others, sharing knowledge and adding value always works. I did a simple video on how to use Twitter lists and afterwards I got 3 bookings for my workshop! When you share your knowledge others will see that you know your stuff and it builds trust.

10 – Build trust and show you are the expert. Add value.

For more tips from Sam, follow her @tweetinggoddess and watch her style!

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Written By:

Jennifer Wood
Jennifer's role is to look after global Marketing, Communications, Events and all things Social Media to help spread the word of Supermums far and wide!

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