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Why do we need relationships?

Why do we need relationships? This week we’re talking about the power of relationships, why they are important, how to build them and how to find the time to nurture them. 

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Abigail Julian
What is an apprenticeship?

Supermums can help you accelerate your Salesforce career with this apprenticeship programme in partnership with Learning Curve Group and approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and developed in partnership with the British Computing Society.

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Heather Black
How to project manage Salesforce projects

How do you best manage your Salesforce projects? This is the question we posed to the Salesforce community to share the expertise and insight with our Supermum Consultancy trainees. With over 40 responses across LinkedIn and Facebook here is the wrap up of the project management tools used by Salesforce professionals for managing Salesforce projects.

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