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Supermums Career Jam

On Tuesday 28th July, Supermums hosted our first Career Jam and we are did it again on 11th August!

Are you thinking about training in Salesforce or looking for your first Salesforce role?

Our Career Jam, hosted by our very own Supermums, Abigail, heard from Supermums (and dads) who are in working in the Salesforce ecosystem. They shared a bit about their role now, how they made the transition to a Salesforce career and what they wished they’d known at the time!

Its your chance to benefit from their wisdom so that you can head to the job market with confidence.

It’s a fun and fast way to get an understanding of some of the careers in Salesforce and how our courses can help you get started or advance your existing career and knowledge…..its also your chance to benefit from their wisdom so you can head to the job market with confidence!

Our Career Jam on 28th July featured Simon, Zainab and Emma.

Our second Career Jam on 11th August had Barbara, Nicola & Marianna as guest speakers. Catch up with their journeys here on our Facebook group.

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If you are ready to take that next step then join us on Admin course and get started on your Salesforce journey.

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