Which Salesforce Job Aligns with your Parenting Style?

Find out which job suits your skills and could help you earn £60k / $120k.

Do you want to know which Salesforce job aligns with your parenting style?

Take our FREE quiz and find out which flexible, well paid Salesforce job could be the perfect fit for you and your existing skills, and find out which job suits you and could help you earn £60k / $120k.

Supermums is on a mission to educate parents about the career opportunities that existing within the Salesforce eco-system which offer a range of job roles providing great pay and flexibility.
Anyone can launch into a Salesforce career if they are interested in learning something new. People can transfer their existing skills and experience into this new career choice, even stay at home parents. We specialise in helping parents to relaunch their career if they have taken time out of work to raise children, as well as parents who are currently working and want to improve their earning potential and flexibility. Supermums provide an holistic support and training programme to provide the skills and confidence to accelerate their new career.


Turn your parenting super power into a new career path to earn well, work with flexibility and love life!  Which Job Role do you think best suits you?

  • Business Analyst
  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Account Executive


Relaunch or advance your Salesforce career with confidence, with the help of Supermums….and let’s find out which job could help you achieve this.

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