Salesforce Technical Test – Questions & Answers

Salesforce Technical Tests

Our Salesforce Technical Tests will help you land your next Salesforce Job or interview Salesforce Professionals. 

Get clued up in Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Non Profit & E-Marketing Solutions to excel at interviewing.

These technical tests will test your understanding of the different technical options that may be suitable for a client. These tests are not about delivering a specific correct answer, this wouldn’t be possible in an interview without undertaking more detailed business analysis, but it’s about knowing how to present and discuss different technical solutions and scenarios to help find the right one for the client. A Salesforce professional will know the different technical options to present during business analysis process to educate and inform the client about what’s possible and to narrow it down from there.

These Technical Tests form part of our Consultancy Skills Training Course. We teach our students business analysis skills and solutions for different Salesforce products to help them hit the ground running on projects.

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