Salesforce Career Paths

What are the different Salesforce career paths?

DID YOU KNOW – By 2026 the Salesforce ecosystem will be creating 9.3m jobs.

I mean, WOW! If there was a ever a reason to change career paths and jump in to the world of tech, it’s now. Everything is digital.

Don’t let those words deter you – Tech / Digital – you don’t need to be a genius or have a degree or background in computer science. Salesforce (the world’s no 1 CRM platform) literally touches every industry and sector globally, from the corner shop selling groceries or your local charity shop through to your favourite online clothes retailer, football team, hotel or art gallery.

So, if you’ve heard about Supermums you have also probably heard about Salesforce too. The two of us fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. We help you get trained in Salesforce and then our recruitment team help you find a new role. Happy days!

We’ve pulled together some of our blogs and articles to help you started on your new journey and explain a little more about the different types of career paths in Salesforce you can take….

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