6 reasons to gain Salesforce Consultancy Skills

From Salesforce Admin to Salesforce Consultant

Whether you are a lifelong Admin, or looking to move into Consultancy , consulting skills are critical to being successful. A good Salesforce Admin is more than just someone who sets up systems, adds users or changes permission sets, they are a bridge between the business and the technology that powers it’s success. So, both Admins and Consultants need consulting skills to be successful in their roles, achieve results and demand the salary they deserve.

How do you effectively gather user requirements, how do you manage a project? What is agile? These are all things that you will learn during our Salesforce Consultancy Skills course.

Industry leading research has investigated the success of CRM projects, and it is proven that success is based on:

  • Executive Sponsorship
  • Business Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • The Right Solution

So, it isn’t just about technical knowledge and important to invest in this wider skill set. We can equip you with these skills.

Here are our 6 reasons why you could benefit from gaining Consultancy skills:

  1. Articulate and demonstrate your financial measures of success: Eg they will spend £xx on your role but you will help them save or make £xx as a result.
  2. Pitch yourself authentically as a Consultant and demand a higher salary: The admin terminology is frustrating as companies sometimes align this type of function to a lower skilled ‘administrator role’ and this shouldn’t be the case. Your role is pivotal to the business and you are senior resource who is responsible for ‘transforming’ the performance of the business. We’ll help you understand how to demonstrate your value and get paid what you deserve.
  3. Feel more confident: You’ll be able to evidence your relevant skills so banish imposter syndrome for good! One of the reasons we suffer from a gender pay gap is that women don’t shout loud enough about their value and skills. Be confident asking for the salary that matches your skills and experience. The latter being important here too as you can increase your salary as your experience grows.
  4. Secure better work – and more of it: Your CV will look better than those who have simply just secured Salesforce Certs. On the Supermums Consultancy Programme we will give you a certification if you have completed the programme successfully. The principles taught on our programme are based on certified courses including BCS Business Analysis Diploma, APMG Agile Change Management, and APMG Change Management. Once you have got some good practical experience under your belt we would recommend taking these courses as your next step.
  5. Get recognised as an expert: Showcase industry recognised tools and frameworks using professional presentations and documented templates throughout your stages of engagement with an organisation – from your first interview to your senior level presentations to facilitated workshops. We focus the Consultancy Programme assessments on pitching your knowledge; we want you to internalise and understand the information you have learnt and be able to present and articulate it back to the client coherently. You have got this!
  6. Great Value: Combined with an Admin certification, these skills will make you very employable or, if already in employment, able to deliver a better service and outcome for users in your organisation in a professional way.

If you want to increase your salary by up to £10k* per/annum in the next 2 months by investing £1200 in a course, then find out more about our Consultancy Course!

Check out the case studies of Supermums who took that next step in their career and unskilled as a Salesforce Consultant and the difference it is making to careers:


Next Steps…

To find out more about becoming a Salesforce Consultant, download our information pack

The pack is full of details about what our course contains, job opportunities, meet the training team, FAQ’s and hear from past trainees about why they chose Supermums to help them on their journey.

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