Why learn Salesforce?

By Abigail Julian

March 24, 2020
5 min read

Supermums Salesforce training courses are and always have been remote and flexible, designed to work around the busy lives of parents. Investing in Salesforce skills can help you future-proof your career open up opportunities in a growing sector.

Back up. What IS Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based technology; the world’s number one ‘Customer Relationship Management’ system. It’s a tool that allows businesses to capture, store and importantly analyse customer data securely. The reporting and analysis capabilities of the platform enables businesses to understand more about their customers and therefore establish effective marketing and communication strategies. Salesforce works with lots of other tools, like websites and payment systems and is the technology behind lots of interactions that you will have probably experienced.

American Express, Addison Lee, Adidas, Just Eat, Barclays and Canon are just some of the global businesses that use Salesforce products. Take a look at the examples of how they use the technology and check out lots of others HERE to get a feel for how far and widely this technology is used.

Future-proof your career with skills for the digital age

The future, now more than ever is going to be about utilising technology to its fullest extent to change the way businesses and their employees work. Huge numbers of organisations already rely on digital platforms to engage with their consumers so equipping yourself with the skills to use and manage the world’s number 1 CRM will put you ahead of the curve. People with digital skills are in a great position to obtain jobs that are secure and rewarding.

Supermums Admin training not only prepares you with all you need to know to get your certification, but we also cover sessions on business analysis, project planning and management so that you have up-to-date and well-rounded skills that will really help you excel.

Increase your flexible working opportunities

With Salesforce, you’re working on a cloud-based platform that is available all over the world, in a fast paced and modern industry. This means that compared to other more traditional sectors, there are increased opportunities for working remotely and flexibly. It depends what is going to suit you and they type of role you are seeking.

You could be working in house for one of Salesforce’s global customers, helping users get the most of the system, working between office and home. You could be a ‘solo admin’ managing the entire system, working remotely for an SME a few days a week, or a consultant flitting between home office, clients and meeting sites. Technology skills open up a world of options.

Explore more about just a few of the career options in Salesforce HERE. When you are ready the Supermums Recruitment team will also here to help you find the role you are looking for.

The sky is the limit for your career

As a tech company, Salesforce is constantly adapting, changing and upgrading. There are always new products and new opportunities for growth and development. Gaining an Administrator certification is just the start. Depending on where your interests and skills lie, you can forge a highly rewarding, not to mention lucrative career. There are many different paths to take and Supermums can help you navigate them. By joining the ‘ecosystem’ you’ll join a community of continual learners – and teachers as people are very happy to share their knowledge.

We’re so lucky to be working with people who are generous with their skills and knowledge. We’ve so far worked with over 90 volunteers who provide 1-2-1 mentoring for trainees on the course. A fantastic source of technical expertise but also guidance and motivation when you need it most.

Surround yourself with positivity

Salesforce has a culture of ‘ohana’ or ‘family’. The ecosystem of people who work with Salesforce is very friendly and inclusive; there are hundreds of groups of ‘Trailblazers’ you can join that are focused around specialist areas or geography. There are regional and national events as well as events like ‘Salesforce Saturday’ for people to meet up and talk all things Salesforce – especially helpful if you are studying or are a solo admin or consultant and are looking for friendly support.

Supermums is a part of this ‘ohana’ – we’re here to help you get ready for a career in Salesforce. Our training is virtual and flexible, but that’s just a small part of it. We’ll train you in all you need to know to pass your exam – and more. We’ll teach you the soft skills you need to be successful in your career, provide 1-2-1 mentoring with experienced Salesforce professionals and get you virtual work experience on a live project so you can head to interviews with stories of your success. Speaking of interviews, our employability module will help you get ready to launch your new career and our Recruitment team can help you find the role that is right for you. That’s not all as all Supermums trainees are also eligible to join our Group Coaching every two weeks led by qualified coaches who can help you set your goals, determine your path and stay on track to achieve your potential.

If you want to step into Salesforce – join our introductory webinar to find out more about what it is, see how it works and ask questions. We also have some great offers available right now, check out our Spring course early bird discount and payment plans.

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Written By:

Abigail Julian

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