Relaunch Your Career Part 3 – How to Re-energise Yourself

By Jennifer Wood

December 5, 2022
7 min read

Over the next 6 weeks we are talking about how to instil the right mindset to relaunch your career successfully.

At Supermums we specialise in helping people to relaunch their career and we understand the challenges that many parents face when thinking about taking the plunge to re-skill and relaunch a career into something new. It’s a scary prospect so it’s so important to get the right support around you to make it happen successfully. Supermums combine coaching, mentoring and training to empower trainees with the right mindset to launch their career successfully. We wanted to share some of this wisdom with you so you better understand it yourself or share with it someone who might be in that position.  Join us to learn about the following mindset attributes that can support you on your journey to relaunch your career:

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This week we kick off with Part 3 – How to re-energise and motivate yourself.

To discuss this topic Heather Black, CEO of Supermums was delighted to be joined by Jo Lightfoot, aka The Human Battery Charger, professional speaker and coach on how to re-energise yourself to perform in both your personal and work life.

Jo talks about the power of ‘sexual’ energy and how it’s important to harness and bottle this emotion and repurpose it to boost your confidence.

You will need to listen to the podcast to get the full picture and mobilise the ideas from start to finish, but here are five things Jo’s proposes you can do to better present your energy and confidence to others, especially when you are attending interviews or networking to land a new job or build new relationships when relaunching a career:

1 -Focus on How you Interact with People Physically

Things like the handshake and your interaction with others – be aware of the the confidence that you carry when you do that.

When you are greeting people in a new space, maybe you’re networking again for the first time, and you just feel so out of your comfort zone, it’s very easy to shy away from others. It’s easy to feel like an imposter in a world that you’re entering into for the first time, having maybe not been in work or business for ages, and so your whole body’s strength will reflect this. If you shake somebody’s hand and it’s limp because you don’t believe you deserve to be in that room. People are going to pick up on that energy.

Some people who have got a high sexual energy, they bring that out of their very core and they shake that person’s hand with eye contact and unshakeable confidence. So even if you feel like that’s not you, Be that person. Get yourself into that actress mode. So much of what I teach and what I mentor people in is around actually performing at your best. And it’s actually about tapping that energy to do so.

2 – The Tone of your Voice

When you reintroduce yourself into a new career or a new path that you’re following you, you can be a bit like a field mouse. People who have what I call highly sexual energy, they tap into something deep within, and that comes out in a confident projected voice. Again, even if you don’t, you might not feel like that but go with the projection. Also, be aware of your pitch, not talking too fast and being clear on your words.

3 – Body Positioning

This is to do with stepping into your power. Girl, shoulders back, lead from the chest, put that best foot forward, be open in your body language, maintain eye contact etc . You are worthy of being in that space that you now find yourself in. Have the confidence to speak up and let your body reflect what you truly think.

4 – Vibration of Thought

People who attract others into their life, into their business, on the new path that they’re seeking to pursue. When they are so aligned with who they are and what it is they are doing, they literally operate at a higher vibrational frequency than other human beings in that space.. And what that means is other humans will meet you at that equal level of because the emotions in your emotional state has a vibration. If you are low energy, low emotion, you’re sad, you’re depressed, that is a vibration too. And you will attract like for like as soon as you step into that higher vibration of passion, energy, excitement, self-belief, confidence. That is what you draw in. And that means you’ve got to be aligned with who you are, why you’ve chosen to do what you do, and complete an utter self-belief that takes some work.

5 – Body Adornment

I’m talking about dressing as if you were dressing to go on a date. Now that date could have different locations. That date could be a day date and you’d dress accordingly. If it was an evening date, a restaurant date, you’d dress accordingly for that too. If you’re going out to a bar, you would dress accordingly. But the point is you dress in line with who you. And your own identity or brand, if you wanna call it that, but you go down to the infinitesimal detail. It isn’t just about how that’s projected to other people and how they perceive you. It’s also about how you feel, because when you feel at your best, you perform at your best – you walk different, you talk different.

You have if for want of a better word, a sexual confidence that oozes out of you. And again, just like on a date will attract people to you. I get clients to consider everything from their underwear choice, because when you wear your best undies – don’t be saving them for best – wear them every day. Why wouldn’t you wanna feel at your best every day? You know, make sure that whatever it takes to make you feel at your best step into that. If you’re doing something important, especially if you’re entering into a career change or you’re stepping into the world of work again for the first time. Step into it with confidence, and so much of that comes from how you present yourself to the world. 

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