Relaunch Your Career Part 1 – How to Relaunch your Career with Confidence 

By Jennifer Wood

November 21, 2022
8 min read

Over the next 6 weeks we are talking about how to instil the right mindset to relaunch your career successfully.

Over the next 6 weeks we are talking about how to instil the right mindset to relaunch your career successfully. At Supermums we specialise in helping people to relaunch their career and we understand the challenges that many parents face when thinking about taking the plunge to re-skill and relaunch a career into something new. It’s a scary prospect so it’s so important to get the right support around you to make it happen successfully. Supermums combine coaching, mentoring and training to empower trainees with the right mindset to launch their career successfully. We wanted to share some of this wisdom with you so you better understand it yourself or share with it someone who might be in that position.  Join us to learn about the following mindset attributes that can support you on your journey to relaunch your career:

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This week we kick off with Part 1 – How to relaunch with confidence. 

To discuss relaunching your career Heather Black, CEO of Supermums was delighted to be joined by Carol Fishman-Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of iRelaunch. Both have a passion for helping women to relaunch their career everyday. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about the foundations of launching your career and how to get started. 

Within this week’s blog Heather shares the 3 C’s Coaching Tool, which focusses on building confidence and places it in context to relaunching your career. The 3 C’s stand for Connections, Competencies and Choice. 

What Connections do you need to Relaunch your Career?

At Supermums, we recommend you make 6 different type connections to build your confidence when you planning to relaunch your career.

  • Career Coaches – A career coach can be really important to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and to keep you accountable to achieving your goals. If you mind you have a negative, defeatist mindset and your motivation is low, then it would be beneficial to invest in a career coach. At Supermums we provide group and one to one career coaching to help our learners tackle their imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs. 
  • Expert Trainers – If you are planning to learn a new skill, make sure you learn from experienced authorised trainers. When you apply for jobs they will want to see that you have participated in reputable and authorised training. This might require investment but if it helps you land a more job quicker and a higher pay then it’s worth it. At Supermums we are an authorised Salesforce Training provider so learners are getting access to the best training in the marketplace. 
  • Peer Learners – To foster ongoing motivation during the learning process it is great to be part of a cohort of peer learners who can help you weather the emotional roller coaster. Where you all lift each other up and support each other on days that things don’t quite make sense or you feel defeated. The learning process will have natural ups and downs and being part of a group will give you momentum to power through. This is one of the most important aspects of the Supermums programme according to trainees. 
  • Mentor – Having an industry experienced mentor can support you to learn new things, help you overcome difficulties, quality assure your work and act as a referee, congratulate you on your achievements, help you understand what’s possible, connect you into other opportunities and so on! It’s so important. At Supermums we provide all trainees with a mentor on our six month ultimate programme and our trainees love this weekly one to one support.
  • Recruiter – Building relationships with recruiters is paramount to stay on their radar and thoughts, plus you get to understand what employers are looking for, what certifications you need, how to craft your CV with their input and learn how to prep for interviews. It’s FREE career support, so why wouldn’t you take it up. From the outset you can start to engage with recruiters to find out what’s needed, and then you can build your game plan to get the right training, certifications and put it together on your CV. 
  • People in the Industry – Start building and following influencers in the industry on social media whether it’s LinkedIn or Twitter. Within the Salesforce Industry, you could start following Salesforce MVP’s, Golden Hoodie Winners, Local User Group Leaders and subscribe to Salesforce related content channels such as Salesforce Ben to start learning more. You can start by commenting and/or sharing their content/posts to start building relationships and follow other people who comment and like their content. Start to build your network and become vocal. 

What Competencies do you need to Transfer into a New Career?

To gain confidence it’s really important to evaluate everything you enjoy, what you are good at as well as the things you are learning to do. One you have this clarity you can start sharing it on your social media accounts, in your CV and at interview.. Only you can sell yourself confidently, be it to a recruiter or potential employer. 

  • Align with your Values – Get clear on your values and what’s important to you in work and life. We encourage everyone do a values exercise as part of their Supermums journey. 
  • Industry and Job Role Experience – What industries have you previously worked in and what type of businesses and industries do you know well? What job roles have you undertaken and how can you demonstrate your performance? When your transferring into a new career you want to bring these skills with you. 
  • Natural Strengths – What makes you happy, what do you enjoy doing for leisure and at work. What skills and attributes are you harnessing when you do these things? If you enjoy doing something you will be able to sell yourself passionately. 
  • Appetite for Learning – What training and professional development have you completed and what do you want to learn next and in the future. Talk about all of the different type of training you have done on your CV and LinkedIn profile.

What Choices do you have when you Relaunch your Career? 

1 – If you have worked on your connections as set out above, and started following and reading content, you will start to become aware of all of the choices you have available to you. The more informed you are the more you can make an informed choice.

2 – If you are clear on your values, competencies and what you are good at, then you can make the right choices to suit you, rather than sell yourself into a job role that might not have the right fit.

3 – If you update your LinkedIn profile and CV with your competencies, and start to build your connections and relationships on social media by commenting, sharing and writing posts then you will have recruiters and employers approach you. This will give you choice. Some of our trainees have had up to three job offers to choose from when they were looking for work.

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