S6 Ep 5 – Relaunch Your Career – Part 1 – Relaunch Your Career with Confidence

Series 6
Epsiode 5
30 Mins

In today’s episode I am joined by Carol Fishman-Cohen, CEO of iRelaunch. We discuss how to support women returners when they want to relaunch their careers after taking a break because of family issues, maternity leave, being a stay-at-home mother or any other responsibility.

Both Carol and myself are very passionate about this specific topic, and go into depth about all the ways in which women returners can be helped during this time.


Highlights from this episode:

  • (02:04) Carol’s background
  • (04:19) Employer role
  • (06:20) Normalise career breaks
  • (09:26) Changing directions
  • (12:48) Companies
  • (26:24) Institutional shifts

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Episode Highlights

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