How to Future Proof your Salesforce Career

Salesforce continues to innovate with new products and features, so how do you decide where to focus your career inline with industry trends, employer needs and job opportunities?

There will always been a vast range of products and industries that use Salesforce but there are some in-demand skills and features that are commonly appearing across projects and teams that you would benefit from getting on your CV.

These are the skills that we would recommend you focus some attention towards, in order to future proof your career:

  • Professional Skills
  • DevOps Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Marketing Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics

Learn more about each of these as we take a deep dive into each one, what they mean and how they could help you and your career.

Professional Skills

Business analysis and Agile Project Management Skills are mentioned in the majority of Salesforce job specs to ensure technical products are implemented correctly.

Business analysis is the practice of identifying business needs, reviewing and improving business processes and determining solutions to business problems using new technology.

Agile Project Management is the process of prioritising requirements and managing deliverables, budget and time in the most flexible and effective way.

Check out the Supermums Consultancy Skills Course to get skilled up or if you currently live and work in England, check our Business Analysis Level 4 Qualification that you could do for free, if you qualify.

DevOps Skills

DevOps is another skillset that is rapidly showing up in a whole range of Salesforce job specs from admins to architect roles.

It’s a range of tools and techniques that are relevant whenever you are making changes to systems and it’s good to know how to apply best practice principles.

You could learn DevOps via the the DevOps Launchpad or you could join our Supermums Consultancy Skills Course which is going to include DevOps training from our course sponsors, Copado and OwnBackUp.

Emotional intelligence

More commonly referred to as EQ, emotional intelligence can be summed up as the ability to communicate effectively with others, putting yourself in their shoes, and understanding their struggles so that you can successfully connect with them.

Coaching and NLP techniques are the most common tools to get acquainted with to increase your EQ. Successfully implementing technology projects is often about supporting people to embrace change so having coaching tools and techniques on your CV will put you in good stead.

Check out Accelerate your Career Coaching Skills Course for more details.

Marketing A.I.

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has a growing role to play in marketing efforts.

Many of us are familiar with chatbots, those cute little icons that pop up on websites and can answer questions by text.

Research shows that by 2025, approximately 95% of interactions between businesses and consumers will be done through AI channels. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the fastest selling products in the marketplace as companies learn to keep up with new marketing trends.

If you have a Marketing background and want to embrace the future, check out the Supermums Marketing Cloud Course.


Analytics is a broad term, referring to all the skills needed to collect data, analyse it, and make decisions based on that data.

Analytical decision-making is the opposite of reactive decision-making. Instead of responding to impulses, analytical thinking responds to facts.

Salesforce recently acquired Tableau and packaged Tableau CRM, a leading analytics product to further enhance their standard analytics capabilities. Check it out here.

Whatever your career path, goals or ambitions, by future proofing your career and taking full advantage of opportunities for progression, you are better prepared to safeguard your job and bolster your career prospects in this ever changing landscape and the ‘new normal’. 


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