Power up your career with Platform Developer I

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Salesforce Supermums is growing! This week we are pleased to announce the launch of a new course: Platform Developer I

Our Administrator certification course will lead you to a great number of flexible, well-paid careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. However if you are an Admin that wants to do more, someone who wants to take the leap beyond ‘clicks’ and start to delve into the additional functionality that code can enable, then the Platform Developer I course is for you.

What is Platform Developer I?

PDI is a six-month course, based on the same winning formula of web-based learning, mentorship and work experience. We are so grateful to the fabulous Salesforce community who have been instrumental in assisting us with the development of the course content and ensuring that the course will cover everything you need to know to get your PDI certification. We also have some very experienced volunteers who will be sharing their Salesforce expertise by delivering some our webinars and providing one-on-one mentoring, so trainees will be learning from the very best.

Certification pyramid
Salesforce certification pyramid

What does the course cover?

During the course trainees will gain an understanding of when to use code, rather than clicks, get an introduction to Apex and Visualforce as well as look at use cases for further topics such as Aura and Lightning Web Components. On completion of the webinar series and homework assignments, trainees will have the opportunity to work alongside their mentor on a project with a non-profit to put their newfound developer skills to the test. All the while our fabulous mentors will also support trainees every step of the way with technical and moral support!

Where do I sign up?!

The course kicks off at the beginning of October, so if you are interested in making 2020 the year you become a Developer, get in touch now and we’ll get you started!

2 thoughts on “Power up your career with Platform Developer I

  1. Smita Hodiggeri says:

    I would be really interested in this.
    I am currently working in a hybrid Admin/Dev role and would like to move to a full time Dev role.
    Many thanks,
    Smita V.H

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